just a heads up:
i have a feeling this may be taken as somewhat controversial but that’s not my intention. this has nothing to do with homo-phobia or anything in that realm. it has everything to do with delusional people. i only preface that with this cause anytime a person speaks frankly about this kinda subject, inevitably, someone will mistake it for something it isn’t. i’d also like to mention i’m not talking about transvestites. i know the pic above may be confusing but be assured, this is a blog about transexual people. so yeah. keep that in mind.

i grew up in the west village. about a block away from the highest populated gay block in america (that is christopher street, for those of you keeping score at home). i’ve never had issues with gay folks beyond thinking it was inappropriate when some of them hit on me when i was 11. but you know who i do have issues with? motherfuckin’ trannies…But my issue isn’t that i’m grossed out by it or i’m offended by their lifestyle. not at all. my issue is that they’re delusional lunatics. “i’m a woman in a mans body”…no, your not…you’re just a gay guy with a fucked up identity crisis. here are some truths: you were born a man. you were born with a penis and balls. you were very likely born homosexual. beyond that, whatever your fucked up brain is telling you, it’s lying. it’s not different to me then when a white kid thinks he’s black. neither will ever truly understand what it’s like to be those people they wish to be cause they simply aren’t. hey trannie, call me when you get your period and have a baby. not to mention, when your’e a trannie, if you insist on “being” a woman, you gotta realize you’re a freakishly deformed woman at best. you are not “fierce”. you’re “gruesome”.

the funny shit is it’s usually the most manly mohterfuckers walking around looking like football players in skirts. like a really buff black guy who happens to have a vagina.
and that trannie voice! ughghghghghghgh….i hear that low trying to be high pitch and i get shivers.

i try and wrap my hear around the logic of trannies…ok, you wanna be a woman. no dice. nature fucked you. so you banana split you cock and turn it inside out. word. you take estrogen and get horrific fake tits. now, you’re a “woman”, even though your “vagina” probably looks like it was shaved with a chainsaw, you’re pretty content. you’re womenness ends there. sure, buy some clothes but you’ll never have any other real female qualities. so now, you go and try and fuck some straight guys. you know who else likes fucking straight guys (aside from straight women)? pretty much every gay guy. and , interestingly enough, a lot of them do, in fact , fuck straight guys (that’s a whole other discussion). so, my point is, skip the genital mutilation and just be you. a gay guy who wishes he was a girl but has the sense to think “hmm…that might be a little unrealistic.” there’s no shame in that.

in the last 5 years trannies have stepped their game up…more then once i’ve been walking behind a girl or seen one from far away and was like “daaaaamn, she looks like a video hoe…” then, upon a slightly closer look i hear the trannie voice and see the trannie face. it’s a very weird feeling but it happens more and more. luckily for trannies, there are an abundance of dudes out there who are straight and will knowingly overlook your adams apple to get some head in a meat market alleyway. kudos to you pretty trannie! i look forward to seeing you at age 60 when you’re a horrifying pile of confused skin. foresight is a bitch.

with all this said,i actually do believe that these people have the right to do whatever they want. it’s their body. i would never say otherwise. just like i have the right to think they’re illogical and insane dipshits.

20 thoughts on “Trannies

  1. My “aunt” used to be my dad’s brother. “She” got the sex change long before I was born…came home from college one day in a dress and wig, bugged my grandparents out like crazy and fucked up their family hardcore. She had a husband for a long time, and I’ve always wondered if she ever told him she used to have a cock. The funny thing is, she’s the biggest cunt in the world…her husband is a millionaire and the bitch can’t even send 10 bucks in the mail for birthdays with a “hey, you exist” card. I hate “her” and I’ve never even met her. I’m totally with you on this one Block.

  2. do you think there’s much domestic violence in the world of trannies??? i cant imagine punching that creature in the pic above in the face for serving my supper cold

    • funniest episode of cops ever. thug + tranny… the cops were so fucking confused and if i remember correctly told them to fuck off at the end of it.

  3. ive had a tranny serve me at mcdonalds… needless to say, i paid my two dollars, took the fries straight to the garbage on my way out… if it was more expensive i would have eaten it.. i just felt uncomfortable… that might make me an asshole but i wasnt gonna touch those fries, they were covered in tranny-breath

  4. thing is, y’all sound a lot like whiteboys talking about niggers back in the day.

    i’m not saying you have to love trannies, but it kinda bums me out when people are all happy about how fucking ignorant they are. just know that you dont get it, you dont want to get it, thats cool, but do shut up.

    • i was waiting for this kinda comment.
      so, basically you’re comparing the race someone is born as to a person who changes their sex? really? you don’t see a slight difference in the two?
      I’m tolerant of trannies. i’d never inflict harm on one and i have no ill will towards them. my point is that that they’re delusional and insane. i could say the same thing for super religious people.
      a person who’s born a man and feels like he’s a woman inside is one thing. it happens. you can’t control that. but the fact remains, no matted how much he thinks his soul is that of a woman, he’s not a woman. i’d imagine the majority of men who feel this way just go on with life, understanding that’s the way they were born and they just have to deal with it. but once that man decides to become a woman, he’s a crazy person to me. and he’s also not a woman. ever. i don’t care of all the parts are there. you can’t change your genetics and DNA. that shit remains so matter how much plastic and silicone you stuff in your body.
      with all that said, if they wanna do that shit, it’s on them. go for it. i really don’t give a shit. but i reserve the right to think they’re lunatics.

      • while I don’t feel your blog was really THAT offensive because it isn’t as if you are attempting to incite hate against transexuals or whatever, you aren’t really looking at it deep enough.

        Yes the race someone was born and is different being a transexual, but if you can think about it with an open-mind and just accept, for argument’s sake, that hypothetically, these people are genuinely women within the wrong body – it really is just a group of people being discriminated against.

      • that’s the thing, they AREN’T women. i don’t care what their brain is telling them. south park did a whole episode about this a few years back. where mr. garrison becomes a woman. one of the kids wants to be black so he gets a skin transplant. then the father feels like he’s a dolphin so he gets plastic surgery to become a dolphin. it pretty much makes the point better than i ever could. peep it:
        i surely could be more sensitive to their plight but i’ll never not think they’re crazy..

  5. Yo block, as a biologist, i gotta agree with you here.

    and the dude who tried to pull the race card…really? youre saying that racism (where people hated because of pigmentation NOT personality) is the same as calling trannies crazy (DEFINITELY A PERSONALITY DISORDER).

    That said, I dont think you should hate anyone with a personality disorder, Im just saying that at the end of the day…you are crazy

    but if you think its cool to waste money on plastic surgery when decent people with serious medical issues cant even afford health insurance…then wow, good luck in life.

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  7. Hey! Since when does getting fake tits mean you aren’t a real woman?

    Seriously, though, your premise is wrong (and using South Park as a ‘source”? I’m giggling) – these aren’t white kids wishing they were black, these are kids born with a birth defect, like a harelip, that needs surgical correction.

    And who the fuck wouldn’t be crazy when everyone around you tells you that you are an abomination destined for hell.

    I’m not a biologist, but my understanding is it isn’t a matter of DNA – it is all hormones/chemicals released at certain points in-utero development, usually (but not always) driven by chromosomes. So, an XY (supposed to be male) if he is testosterone resistant, will be a tall skinny “woman” with huge tits. Is s/he really a man? or a woman? what determines it? Lost of babies are born somewhere in the middle (since my vag lips are just empty ball sacs and your dick is just a glorified clit) and the doctor at the birth decides how to “correct” this.

    You are using that small click of irritatingasfuck meathead-jock kids to say “All 5th Graders Suck”: you overlook all the non-fucked up trannies who “pass” – including thousands of women-to-men transsexuals.

    I’m not telling you not to think “they” aren’t crazy – just trying to point out the group is much bigger than you think it is.

    • the south park thing was pretty much just a clearer way to express my point. i had a feeling that would get a funny reaction (it’s like citing a rap song in a term paper) but , if you watch that episode it makes my point better then i ever could.
      I’m not talking about questionable hermaphrodites. those people have all the reason in the world to be confused. i can’t even imagine what that’s like. and in the case of children born somewhere in the middle (like jamie lee curtis supposedly was), again, picking a side makes sense. i imagine , in lots of those cases, the doctors picked the wrong side and the person goes through life all fucked up. in those cases, it makes total sense. but i’m willing to bet the majority of sex change operations are not based in that at all. i’d guess that a upwards of 75% of people who get them are delusional and crazy.
      I think i’ve been around and have seen too many trannies from such a young age that i forget to separate the crazies from the people who actually needed an operation to correct themselves. perhaps i should have been more definitive in what i was talking about but then this dumb blog post would’ve been waaaaay too long. and no one wants that. but, regardless, i stand by that LOTS (if not most) trannies are completely out of their minds.

  8. you really express your stupidity on the subject matter quiet uninformed opinion is usually
    the most unwanted.

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