Peep this remix I did for The Skins!


If you’ve been following this blog for a while the name “The Skins” might be a familiar name to you. They’re a brooklyn based band that’s very likely going to be all over the place in the near future that I’ve been big upping for a whine now. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, hanging and working with them. For more info (and a free mix I made of random hip hop) read this:

As for this Remix, I did it a while back and honestly just want people to hear it already. I’m not the most patient guy on earth. It’s a definite departure from the original but, hey, that tends to happen when a hip hop beat maker remixes a rock song. Anyway, Enjoy.
Here’s a download link if you’d like to own this song as your very own (for FREE!)

If you’re feeling the skins, like them on Facebook:

Peep this remix I did!

Wildlight is a project by San francisco based electronic artist The Polish Ambassador. I had the pleasure of touring with him a while back and , when he asked me to do a remix for his “Wildlight” , It was a no brainer. Here’s the remix I did:

If you want to hear the rest of the album and download it (it’s a “name your price” deal) then go here:


So many remixes…More gifts.

I don’t know what it is about this new year that’s got me in the giving mood. Yesterday was an old Aesop demo and today, I give you this…a 20 track compilation of remixes I’ve done over the years. Some are rappers, some are singers and some are old soul songs I felt like putting a new spin on. As a thank you to all my readers and supporters , I give you this. Hopefully , there will be songs you’ve never heard or have been looking for. Enjoy!

Blockhead Remixes galore!
1)Bring it on: Organized Konfusion
2)A dream: Donny Hathaway
3)Footdown: Del the funkee Homosapian
4)Nobody’s fault: Nina Simone
5)Paper Float: Cassettes Won’t Listen
6)69 Guns: Rival Schools
7)Baking Soda:Hangar 18
8)Benjiman segal: Nacho Picasso
9)DMCA: Billy Woods
10)Black Arc: Armand Hammer
11)Go there: Chin Chin
12)Hot Knife: Fiona Apple
13)Limelighters: Aesop Feat. Camp Lo
14)Look Alive: Despot
15)Lord knows: Double AB Feat Roc Marciano
16)Meter Feeder: Hail Mary Mallon
17)New folk songs for new buildings:Freshkills
18)Omega 3: Cult favorite Feat Billy Woods
19)Radio dial: PRemRock & Willie green
20)Tinsletown: Billy Woods Feat Marq Spekt and LoDeck

A gift from Aesop Rock and I to ring in the new year

Turns out, Aesop and I had another lost song laying around. Who knew? Turns out, it’s kinda fun. It’s a song called “Try not to die” and it’s from around 2000. Pre-labor days/post Float era.
While I can see why we never released it, it’s definitely something I feel fans of Aesop will be into.
Check it out over at Aesop’s website
It’s streaming and you can download it.

Phat Friend year in review 2013

Wow, what a year it’s been? Remember that thing that happened? oh, and that other thing where that guy did stuff and people were all like “oohhhhhh!”. unforgettable. We will never be the same. Well, like every other blog on earth, it’s time for me to round this year up. Unlike those other blogs though, I’m not here to give you my top five albums and singles and blah blah blah cause , honestly, those lists read more like “The ten albums I heard enough of this year to have an opinion on”. If you read this blog with regularity, you probably know what I liked this year so it would be repetitive. Also, artist made music lists are the worst cause most of spend half the list putting albums our friends made that we barely even listened to. So forget all that. This is about this blog and the stuff that was on it this year. A huge “In case you missed it…”.
So, wasting no time, let’s get it covered.

Most read articles
This is a funny category cause it’s fueled by peoples creepy google habits. A few of these are here on their own merit but, let’s be honest, a few others are here cause people are looking for porn. To be clear, these are the columns I wrote this year that got the most hits.

Emily Ratajkowski will ruin my life

I hooked up with riff raff part 1 (of three)

Hey guys, let’s not make Yung Lean a thing, okay?

Porn star Questionnaire w/ Angel Del Ray

Talking about my cancelled shows in europe and passport problems

So, yeah…those got read A LOT this year. For better or worse. However, I have my own personal favorite things I wrote this year so here are my personal top 5 posts of the year. If you like reading hastily written rants/stories with questionable spelling and grammar, today is your lucky day. This blog is a great time waster and posts like these are the heart and soul of the operation.

My personal Top 5 Posts
You and your kids

My neighbor: Livin’ la vida loca

How to be an asshole online

The best/worst idea of all time

50 shades of shame

Free mixes!
I don’t do it as often as I used to but, every now and then, I’ll throw together a little compilation of music I love and give it away. Here are all of those I did this year. Free music! Download them again…for the first time!

My old 12′s Vol. 1

My old 12′s Vol. 2

A mix for the youth

Tony Bones: A look back at someone you’ve probably never heard of

The weekly columns
Listen, I gotta create content somehow. One of the ways I do that is by having columns that come back every week or two. Some more than others. Here are those columns with the most hits from this year.

Answers for Questions

Fuck marry kill

Ask Dr. Tony

Yay or nay

Music I released this year
Oh yeah…I make music for a living. And this year was actually pretty prolific. I produced a few full length albums and a few ep’s. I even made a short compilation of me rapping from when I was younger and gave it away on this blog (poor life choice on my part). So, here are all the albums I dropped this year and the info you need about them.

Illogic:After Capture Ep

Billy woods: Dour candy

Illogic: Capture the sun LP

Other Ep’s I did with Illogic

Blockhead: The Rapper

And that’s about it. Have a good new year and I’ll see you on the flip tip. Also, Don’t drink and drive, guys. Just drink.

Shitty news. My Shows in Munich and Kiev are cancelled. Here’s why:

this sucks lolcat
Hey everyone.
There’s a good chance this post will have nothing to do with anything you give a shit about but there’s also some shit in here you may wanna know before you learn a lesson the hard way, like I did yesterday.
So a funny thing happened to me at the airport yesterday. I was there to catch a flight to Munich for a show that would have been happening today. As I rolled up to the ticket lady and placed my huge merch filled bag to get checked, She took a quick look at my passport and told me I can’t get on the flight. Wait…what? Surely my passport is valid. It expires at the end of this month. That’s in three plus weeks. Well, apparently, many countries in Europe won’t accept Passports with less than six months left of validity on them. Germany, Belgium, Hungary and france all being places that work under those rules. Also, places I am supposed to play over the next two weeks.I pleaded with the woman with hopes of finding any possible loop hole that could fix this problem. There was nothing. She told me, if I flew to germany with this passport, I’d be turned away and sent right back. She then tried to start booking me a flight for tomorrow like I can just make a new passport appear out of thin air but I stopped her cause it was useless. My show in Munich was/is a wrap. Now, this sucks for many people. The promoters, the people who were gonna come see the show, Dj Cam (who I was playing with) and myself. Aside from putting many people out, losing money of both my own and other peoples, it’s just an all around shitty situation. The whole thing is a fucking nightmare.
I raced home and , with lots of help of from my girlfriend, tried to get info on procuring a new passport first thing in the morning (it was already after 5 pm where I was). Munich was impossible but maybe I could still salvage my show the next day in Kiev. At this point, all the flights I had booked for me via the promoters and tour budget were fucked and I’d be buying whatever flight myself. Well, turns out, in order to get a passport in 24 hours in NYC, you need an appointment. There were no appointments in NYC until december 11th. So that was out. I was pretty much resigned to the fact that this tour I’ve been looking forward to was fucked cause of some random rule that I didn’t know existed. Had I known, I could have easily had a new passport by now. I mean, what’s the fucking point of having a expiration date if that’s not the expiration date across the board? I get they have their reasons but…jesus christ…fuck all that. They could see when I was returning. It’s not like I was gonna stay past that date. The return flight was booked!
But I digress…So, through the brilliance of my girls internet savvy , we found a way to get a new passport via the mail. Only problem is I won’t have until tomorrow morning. Meaning, I can’t leave the country until Friday which means my show in Kiev is also an impossibility.
Where it all stands now is that I’m waiting to get the go ahead to buy a flight to Budapest to do my saturday show in Pecs. Then continue on the rest of week as planned. As far as I know, that’s the plan going forward. Obviously, if these last few days have taught me anything, nothing is guaranteed so even the Pecs, Hungary show could be at risk. I won’t know till I book the ticket and receive my new passport. Can you even book an international flight without a passport? Shit. I guess I’ll find out.

I’ve missed shows due to weather and cancelled flights before and it’s never fun. When things are out of your hands like that, it’s definitely a helpless feeling. But this one stings more cause it was over some bullshit that should never have been an issue in the first place. Not a storm. Not a hurricane or a bunch of cancelled flights. It’s my fault but , at the same time, how the fuck was I supposed to know that was a rule? The whole thing makes me feel sick.
So, to anyone involved in the shows in Munich or Kiev and to the people who were going to attend, as well as DJ Cam and My booking agent , Lothar, I deeply and sincerely apologize. If there was any way to right this I would but the bureaucracy simply makes that impossible. Only in america. The irony is that, even though this rule is being enforced by europeans, had this happened to someone in a european country, they’d have a much easier time getting the super quick passport renewal. Ughh…
All i can say is I’m sorry and , hopefully, I’ll get to make it up to all people who were affected by this. If anything else falls apart concerning this, I’ll surely let people know. But, for now, I just hope to finish out the other dates the best I can. Updates will certainly follow.

Music stuff…This and that.

Whattup…So, I got a few new things to share with you guys and just a basic all around update music wise.
First off, Illogic and I will be putting out our final Ep (for now) called “After Capture” on December 17th. Before that, though, here’s a new song off it for you to peep.

If you wanna pre-order the EP, go here:

In other news, The Album I did with Billy woods “Dour Candy” can now be owned in it’s instrumental form. The good people over at Backwoodz released the whole thing yesterday. For those of you that like my beats but aren’t really bout that rap life, this is your lucky day.
It’s available where ever Digital downloads can be found but here’s a link to their site if you’re into it…
in case you forgot what those tracks sounded like, here are a few in their original , rappified form

In solo news, my New album “Bells And Whistles” is pretty much done. I’m still putting some final touches on the mixes and it should be 100% finished by the end of the year. I’m not 100% sure who is gonna put it out or when it will come out, but it’ll definitely be out in some form next year. I’m definitely really happy with it so keep and ear open for that.

My dude Marq Spekt and I have a finished album is well. We’re getting the details sorted but it should be dropping next year as well.
We’ve leaked a few tracks already so, in case you missed them, here they are:

as well as this song that won’t be on the Album:

Lastly, the album I’ve been working on with my group The Mighty Jones is also done and should be dropping next year. If you’re not familiar with this project, it’s Me, Singer joanna Erdos and musicians Damian Paris (He plays on all my instrumental albums) and Jeremy Gibson (AKA Sir Jarlsberg and the other half of PArty fun action committee).
Here’s a song we did a while back:

As well as a demo we made that won’t be on the album:

Okay! I’m off to do some shows in europe. If you live in Munich, Kiev, Pecs, Brussels, Paris or Bordeaux…Come see your boy.

Peep this song I did for a compilation!

I did a song for the “array vol.3″ compilation, put together by the people who book my shows over at Autonomous music. It’s an upbeat little ditty.
Check it out:

If you wanna peep the rest of the comp, it features 25 songs by a wide variety of artists including Little People, Dj Vadim, Emancipator and Quantic (just to name a few). You can download it all for free right here:

“After Capture” is coming.

If you’ve be paying attention this past year and a half, you might have noticed that Illogic and I have had a prolific 18 months. We dropped two free ep’s, a full length called “Capture the sun” on Man Bites dog records and , to close it all out, we bring you “After Capture”. It’s the final installment of our collaboration (for now) in the form of an EP.
It drops early december. Until then, here’s a preview of the song “Chiseled Masterpiece”.

Also, go here for pre-orders:

If you missed the other releases,

New Song/Video by Marq Spekt and I!

This is a gully one. Featuring the Philly Lo-Lofe all stars, this joint is off the upcoming album by Marq Spekt and myself “Play with it”.
Simply put, this is just some philly street shit where Spekt and his boys go in. You might recognize The Buze Bruvas from a “Yay or Nay” I did a while back. Anyway, peep this shit…and get hyped.