Answers for Questions vol. 210

Hi everyone. It’s that time of week AKA monday. Time to answer some more questions. You sent them and I obliged cause I’m cool like that. If you’d like to join the fun, by all means, flood my inbox with questions. Leave them in the comment section below or email them to me at All i ask is that you try to be creative with it. We’ve been doing these for 4-5 years now. There is still new ground to be broken! Find it!
Okay, here’s this weeks batch…
From reading your blog, I know you’re not a slut-shamer, ps: that term is really becoming annoying, anyways, moving on…
My perspective of your perspective as a guy is that it just makes sense to not have double standards when it comes to men’s and women’s sex lives and it’s better for all parties involved (yourself included). But have you ever been like that in your earliest relationships? Were you ever insecure/jealous or asked a gf how many guys she slept with, etc.

You’d be hard pressed to find a guy who hasn’t been like that at some point. I don’t have any particular memories of me acting or feeling that way but I’d be shocked if I didn’t when i was much younger. Society kinda hard wires us to be like that. That said, when I was 19, I dated a girl who I knew had slept with her fair amount of dudes (and was way more experienced than me) but I don’t recall it ever being an issue. If anything, I was intimidated by it cause she had some much more experience. Sadly, I know a fair amount of dudes who probably wouldn’t date a girl based on her sexual past which is pretty unfair and short sighted. Especially when you consider some of the pasts of the dudes doing that judging. Not to mention, girls who’ve had more sex are generally more fun to have sex with. Less hang ups. It’s more natural and not held up as some super special thing that needs to treated with kids gloves.
The way I see it, we’re all kinda scum bags at some point and people make situational decisions about sex that don’t really need to be judged like that. If someone is known for fucking married people or actively trying to break up relationships, that’s one thing. but if a girl simply likes having sex and does it with multiple people in a safe way? you’re a an insecure dickhead if that repels you.
I liken my feelings towards this to how I got turned off to religion. I probably always just went with the current of “Girls that fuck a lot of guys are sluts!” until, one day, I thought about it for more than a passing moment and was like “Wait..what?That’s stupid” and that was that.

The first time I heard your music a friend showed me the video for “The Music Scene” while we were on mushrooms and it blew my mind. I’m just wondering, did you have anything to do with the making of that video, and I know you don’t smoke weed but have you ever experimented with harder drugs, did you have any crazy experiences? would you take a hallucinogen if your good friend came to your house right now and said lets trip tonight! ?
I had zero to do with that video outside of giving my consent to get it made. Which is too bad cause that video is amazing.
As for drug use, I’ve never done hard drugs. unless you include ecstasy/molly. But, in general, my drug use has been limited to weed and shrooms. I don’t smoke weed anymore but I’ll do shrooms on occasion. Crazy experiences? I mean…shrooming in general is a crazy experience. Even if you’re just sitting around a house. I feel as thought telling drug stories is kinda like telling people your dreams. It’s always way more interesting to you and the other person is generally just waiting for you to finish so they can tell you their dream. So, I’ll pass on that.
As far as me doing shrooms with someone who came over and sprung them on me, it depends on the person, place and time. I’m very particular when it comes to my drug use. I like to be prepared. I’ve done them on a whim before but that was really just the stars aligning.

Yo Block, given the following options, which one would you pick and why? A) You get to fuck Emily Ratajkowski now, except she constantly farts during sex and they smell like hardboiled eggs, or B) You get to fuck Phoebe Cates in her prime, except she constantly burps during sex and they smell like anchovies.
Ohhhh….tough one. Way to ruin two of my favorite girls ever.
I’d rather have sex with Em-rata but I feel as though the farting would be harder to avoid. Like it might stain my nutsack or something. And egg farts are the worst. At least with burps, I could turn her around and project the air elsewhere. So, I guess I chose Cates. HOWEVER, I’d chose Em-Rata if we could have sex somewhere outdoors where it’s super windy. Problem solved.

When people ask you to sign stuff at shows, what’s your style? Do you do the same thing every time or do you try write a different thing each time?

I do the same thing with slight variation. I write my name is a truly terrible faux graf hand style that would infuriate any and all people who ever took graffiti seriously. For real, my handwriting is next level terrible. Always has been. Then I draw a little blockhead character. This is where the variation comes in cause his face is slightly different every time.

You’ve spoken before about the time you spent at university, but, I’m curious, what was your major and why didn’t you finish school? I’m presuming it wasn’t music, only because you’ve said repeatedly that you don’t understand the technical aspects of music theory.
I wasn’t there long enough to have a major. I went for one year to Boston university and was in a program called “general studies”. This was basically a program for people who sucked in high school and needed to get back up to speed. It was literally high school courses. The idea was to do two years there and then find a major after you had gotten back on track. It was the worst. I did that for a year and was like “nah, I’m good…” and went the fuck back to NYC.
I didn’t finish school for many reasons. For one, I’m terrible at learning. Particularly things I don’t care about. Which is pretty much everything they teach at schools. This is not something I’m proud of but it’s the truth. I thought I A.D.D. forever but it turned out I just wildly disinterested in most things being taught to me. I tried to go back to school for a little bit later in life and it didn’t take. I’m simply not that kind of mind. I’m also profoundly lazy when it comes to things that are needed to get through school. In other words, I’m REALLY lucky this music thing worked out. At least, so far.

Now that you’re touring again, I was wondering what it’s like to deal with having openers that you didn’t pick for every stop. I personally like to do some research (if needed) to decide whether or not I go early to check the opening sets. Do you do the same? Are you usually stuck there listening regardless, or do you use that time to get some food, prepare, etc? I imagine some of the acts really suck, but some could also be a nice surprise.

I really don’t pay much attention to them. If we’re talking bout opening openers. Like the local guys. That’s generally when I’m out getting food. Sometimes I’ll catch them cause I’ll be out selling merch early (This only works at shows where people show up early).
I definitely don’t do any research on them cause…well…I’m just not that thorough a guy. From the ones I’ve seen , they generally range from decent to good with a few real stinkers thrown in.
Side note, if you’re an opening act (I’m talking the guy who’s playing when doors open), a good rule of thumb is to not make the backstage your playhouse. I understand that you’re excited to be playing a show but there are few things worse that chilling backstage and the local opener comes in with 8 of his friends who then proceed to drink and eat everything in the room. That shit is rude as fuck and , trust me, a terrible look for any artist that might be watching.

Where did you get the audio sample of the people arguing in the song The Daily Routine? I’m pretty sure they moved into my building a couple of months ago.

It was from some random record I found about drug recovery. Those were all real arguments recorded from inside a halfway house. Pretty grim shit.

Answers for Questions Vol. 209

Helllloooo guyz. Welcome to another edition of “Questions for answers”. You ask, I answer. Simple. If you’d like to ask me anything, go for it. Email questions to me at or leave them in the comment section below. Just try your best and be creative. If your question feels like something everyone would ask me, skip it and gimmie something I can work with. The more weird, the better.
Let’s get into this weeks batch…

not that it’s your fault or anything, but I seem to have reached a place of musical despair. I’ve been playing most of my life, and been listening to Hip-Hop for over 10 years. I play more than 5 instruments, make beats on my MPC 1000, sing, and freestyle. I know I’m good, and I love the music I create. Yet certain life events over the course of the past few years (namely heartbreak and being chronically underemployed broke, and depressed) have left such a bad taste in my spiritual mouth that it’s even soured the once-sweet flavor of creating music! Despite my best efforts, practicing or even just making music for the hell of it seems like some awful drudgery that I never have time for. Have you ever encountered this type of roadblock and if so, how were you able to get past it and rekindle the flame?

I just wanted to point out that “listening to hip hop for ten years” cracked me up…Since 2004!!??! Whoa bro!, you’re a veteran in this shit!
I’m so old. Jesus.
I’ve always felt creativity goes in waves. I’ve certainly hit walls where the last thing i wanted to do was turn on my sampler and make a beat. Then, a month later, I’m feverishly making 4 beats a day. A lot of times , being around certain people will kick start you back up. Seeing someone be creative around me , often makes me wanna get back in the lab just off the basis of their passion for what they’re doing. Or, Sometimes, I’ll come back off tour and just really wanna create new shit.
I would say “Don’t force it” but, honestly, sometimes you gotta just start making some bullshit just the get the ball rolling again.
I’d imagine it’s like getting into an exercise routine. At first, it’s gonna suck but eventually you’ll get in the swing of things and need to do it like your life depended on it.
All that said if you lose the passion, you lose the passion. It sounds to me like other things in life are getting you down and it’s just reverberating into your desire to make music. Maybe you need to get the rest of your life back on track before you can really focus on making new music. Some would take that pain and sadness and apply it to their music but we’re all different so, you know, just do what works for you.

I enjoyed you giving away the free music the other day. I was pleasantly surprised to notice you’d done production for some early Mac Lethal stuff. Being a fan of you both, it was cool to check that stuff out. Did you produce anything else for Mac Lethal? Were you hanging out in the same place, or was the collaboration done long distance? How did those sessions come about, and are you actual friends in real life? Do you still listen to him, and do you like his youtube stuff and newer music? Like, if he plays a show in NYC, do you try to check it out? Would you still be down to work with him, if he hit you up? Just wondering. Also, who else would you really like to produce for, if it were up to you? Doomtree? Jean Grae? Riff Raff? Mainstream, more commercially viable rappers? I know this is on some rap-nerd shit, and maybe the type of questions that you’ve answered too much or annoy you, but I’d be interested in hearing your answers.

I worked with Mac back in the early 2000’s. We met over email and he bought two beats from me. That was all we ever did though. I’ve met him in person once (at scribble jam in 2001 or 2002, I forget). The collabo was done entirely via mail and email.
I’ve been peeping his youtube vids for a while and it seems things are going really well for him, which is cool. He’s always been a nice dude and working with him was fun. I would work with him again for sure , if he hollered.
As for other rappers I would produce for…there are tons. Pretty much anyone I’m listening to at the moment. Underground rappers like Michael Christmas, homeboy Sandman, Your Old droog, Ratking, Shirt, Vince Staples, Earl etc…
On a more mainstream level, I’d love to do some shit with Gunplay (it’ll never happen but that would be awesome), Freddie Gibbs, Pusha T and Mystikal.

So you’re deserted on an island, who would you rather be stranded with: Mila Kunis, Bob Saget (he has an iPod that never dies and has eversong ever on it), or Bill O’reilly and his family (Bill can hunt with his hands like no other)?

Mila Kunis by a landslide. How is this even a question?
I think, if I were stranded on an island, my desire to survive would overtake my desire to hear music. Also, Saget is fucking annoying and not funny at all.Making small talk with him for years and trying to play the music I wanna hear would be worse than sitting in silence.
And, clearly, even if he’s a great hunter, ain’t nobody trying to hang with the Bill O’reilly family.
I’m sure Mila and I would figure something out. Or not…and We’d die but, hey, maybe that’s better than living on a deserted island for the rest of my life.

This is an elaborate confession leading up to a simple question: I am a grown man and I piss sitting down about 90% of the time. Here’s my reasons/explanation for how this came to be: (1) I am almost 6’5″so it’s a long way down which requires more clean up than your average man, I’ve lived with a few women in my life and they tend to complain if there’s a mess (2) I drink really heavily and nightly I always have, this contributes to the first problem as my aim is impaired so there’s more clean up, also by the end of the night standing for an extended period of time can be a chore in itself (3) I HATE using public urinals, even when I’m drunk there’s nothing more uncomfortable than standing a foot away from another dude with our dicks out and it’s completely silent. I think all public restrooms should have Slayer blasting. (that would also help me out as I’m not really into listening to dudes taking a shit) So I get what they call “bashful bladder” (which makes it sound extra pussy), I know a lot of dudes get it at the urinals cuz I’ve even done the stand off/game of chicken: where I know the dude next to me is having the same problem and he just flushes and leaves without urinating, (boom, I won) now I get to piss in private…shitty game. So I’ll usually use a stall to piss or my favorite is at some of my local bars they have the single bowl ladies’ room with a lock on the door, I usually know everybody so no one gives a fuck, but every once in a while a girl gives me a shitty look when I come out and I’ll make a snarky comment like “sorry, I thought the picture on the door was a dude with baggy shorts.” I’m pretty open about this subject and people in bars even enjoy when I break down why I “pee like a girl.” (being really tall and covered in tattoos add to their amusement I think) So what’s up Block? You ever get bashful with your bodily functions, or are you an “anywhere anytime” guy?

Hmm…If this were about shitting I would understand. Hell, if this was about peeing in those places that the urinals are just troughs I’d be like “No doubt”. But all your reasons for pissing sitting down are kinda weak. I mean, you’re 6’5”. You really think those extra inches of height make it that much more difficult to do what EVERY MAN on earth does? I think the key here is the drinking. You get shit faced and piss all over the place. Every time I’ve walked into a public bathroom and see piss everywhere and wonder “What savage did this?”. You are that guy. Just do people a solid and flip the seat up.
As for the shy bladder thing, I get it. That’s not uncommon. And , really, if you’re more comfortable peeing sitting down, do it. It’s your life. Don’t let me or anyone else tell you how to evacuate your bladder. But, also, accept that people might clown you for it. Whatever though…you’re 6’5” and covered in tattoos. I’m sure people will let it slide just on account of that.
As for me, I can pee anywhere. I’m not crossing streams with bro’s but if there is a urinal or a quiet street and I need to go, I will go. I’m a little more selective with #2’s. Touring has forced my hand a few times but, ideally, I try and not shit in most public bathrooms…cause guys like you are out there pissing all over everything.

You were living in Manhattan during the late 80’s, right? How true to the yuppie culture is American Psycho?
I was but I was also pretty young. Can’t say I was paying much attention to yuppies back then. That said, from what older people have told me, it seems somewhat realistic. I would actually argue it hasn’t changed much except the hedonism is less out in the open. Wall street is still packed with super rich, young assholes who do coke and fuck tons of low life women. The difference is now the clubs and restaurants are different but it’s all the same shit.The dip shits who buy Bottle service at clubs have always existed in some form or another.

on the cover of “Interludes” there is a partially cut-off poster on the wall stage right from the TV set. You can see the letters “ilkins”, a basketball goal, what appears to be half of a car, and then “alley”. Since the artwork seems so specific, is this based on a real poster and if so- on what?

It’s a dominique Wilkins poster from the 80’s and , yes, it was real. He was my favorite basketball player when I was growing up. Hell, he’s to this day my all time favorite player.

Was Forest Crunk meant to be an instrumental song or was it created with the intention of Aesop rapping over it? Can you explain the back story behind it not having any lyrics?

It was just a beat. Aesop was making the Daylight Ep and he wanted an instrumental interlude. My memory is foggy but I feel as though he was working on one of his own and wasn’t liking it. I was sitting on the Forest Crunk beat and played it for him. He liked it and added it to the album. There was definitely never an intention to rap on it though. It was also my first real “instrumental track” I ever made. It was the song that popped the idea in my head that I could maybe make instrumental music.

Answers for Questions vol. 208

Helllooooooo. Welcome to another edition of “Answers for questions”. You ask it, i do my best to tell you how I feel about that. If you’d like to ask me anything, my ears are always open. Leave questions in the comment section below or email them to me at All I ask is that you try and keep it interesting. If your questions sound like something a college journalist might ask me in 2005, skip that question.
Oh, side note, I’ll be hitting the south for some shows this week from thursday to sunday. If you live in or near Ashville, Atlanta, Pensacola or Jacksonville, come see your boy. Peep my facebook page (The real blockhead) for more info. Shut out to all the heads I saw in the midwest this past week. Thanks for coming out and getting down with your boyeeeeee.
Okay? Okay. Here’s this weeks batch…

Hopefully this is one that you’ve never gotten before. I know you do DJ sets for clubs and festivals; would you ever DJ a wedding? I ask this because I’m getting married next year and one of my only fears about it is getting stuck with a corny DJ who plays some bullshit that we hate all night. One of the solutions I came up with was finding a DJ whose work I am familiar with and respect but that pretty much just leaves hip hop DJs that are pretty well-known. Two problems that may arise would be 1: it would probably be cost-prohibitive, and 2: I don’t know if any respectable DJ would even do it. It really seems like the kind of thing that you get stuck with some dipshit who inevitably starts playing country songs and shitty dance songs that we’re not interested in. We are getting married in New Jersey so I’d imagine that only compounds the problem. I’m not asking you if you would DJ for MY wedding but would you ever DJ a wedding? Do you think any DJ with an ounce of taste would do it, or is it too cheesy? I really just don’t want people doing the Electric Slide and singing Sweet Caroline at my shit.

I have never DJ’d a wedding and I don’t think I ever would. Not cause I 100% wouldn’t want to but cause I’m simply not a competent DJ. The only real djing I’ve done has been low key nights at bars/lounges that were very low pressure and I could pretty much play what I want. That also required no mixing or blending skills. Beyond that, though, I kinda hate djing for crowds cause crowds generally have a certain taste in music that does no coincide with my own.
But, to remove myself from this equation and answer your question, you have a few options.
1)Fuck a dj. Make your own playlist and simply have someone press play and stop when it’s needed. That way, you pick the music and vibe of what’s going on. Sure, having someone Dj may make people more likely feel like it’s a party but, if you’re avoiding a crowd favorite playing dj , that’s clearly not an issue for you.
2)Hire someone you know and specifically tell them the kind of stuff you wanna hear and don’t wanna hear. I know a bunch of people who have done this and it’s worked fine. This person you hire doesn’t need to be Kid Capri. He can be any dude with a serviceable knowledge of how to use serato and a decent music collection.

Listen, by nature, Professional party Dj’s are whores. They will play what you want them to play if you’re the one paying them. So, if you hire some random dude and give him strict instructions, he will follow those instructions…cause it’s his job. I would only say that you need to keep in mind that, while this is your wedding, perhaps your parents and your wife’s parents might not wanna hear rap music all night. All I’m saying is consider all the other people as well. Having a few pop songs cued up for all the basic bitches in the wedding isn’t gonna kill you. After all, it’s a wedding. What could be more basic than that?

Sidenote: i’ve been asked to Dj a few weddings. Never said yes though cause…fuck all that.

If your farts had to sound like an animal, which animal sound would you prefer? Which would you not?

Fart question! poop questions younger and more wacky brother!
Anyway, I feel as if my farts already do sound like animals. Like the death wail of baby fawn. Incidentally, they can smell like that too.
I don’t think I’d want my farts to sound like a dog barking. That just seems like it would be explosive and mildly painful. I think I’d rather have them sound like a mellow cows “Mooooo” or maybe eve a kittens meow. how cute of a fart would that be? Though, in order for that to be possible my butthole would have to so tight I doubt any poop could ever get out.

Seeing as you’ve opened the floodgates to the bedroom producers with your Demo tape review, what are some common pitfalls or mistakes or just n00b-ass tendencies that the learning producer tends to make? How can one sharpen his or her ear to the sounds of n00bishness?
I’d say the most common is sending in a demo before you’re ready. I mean this in the broader sense too. Like, if you’ve been making music for 6 months, play it for friends and people around you. But it’s 99% of the time not gonna be ready for public consumption. So, a huge mistake people make is assuming just cause they create something, it’s special. It’s not. Instead of scrambling to get any sound you make get heard, keep working. Refine your skills. Shape your sound. If you’re making beats or rapping and you know , for a fact, that you sound like someone else, you’re not ready. Keep working until you’ve found your own voice…then let the world hear it. Like I said, play it for friends, get their opinions on it. Hopefully you have honest friends.
Another thing I would recommend is avoiding stock sounds. Not all stock sounds but ones that sound cheap. A huge complaint I have towards a bunch of the demo’s I receive is that the drum and synth sounds just sound weak or corny. I realize you work with what you’re given but there are ways around that. Effects you put on them. Tones that work better than others.
I come from an era of mining for your own drums sounds. We would chop up breaks to get a good kick sound. Or even sampling drums from other rap songs. So I have no patience for people settling on the flimsy drum sounds that come with whatever computer program you just bought. Drums are supposed to be a challenge. They often are what separate good producers from great producers. They took me YEARS to feel confidant about. Hell, I’d say i wasn’t confidant with my drums until after my first solo album…and I had been making beats for 10 years at that point.

What’s the weirdest/out there scene in a porno you remember viewing? This question is being asked with the knowledge that you’re “Mr. Meatn’Potatoes” and that you’ve never been into extreme porn.

“Viewing” is the keyword. I’ve seen some crazy porn in the “Hey dude, watch this fucked up porn video” kinda way. It’s never sexual and always terrible. Like japanese porn where they stuff squid into girls. There’s another famous one where a couple has sex on freshly killed bear. That was awful. Any porn that involves prolapsed anus’ is pretty much my nightmare.
But, in terms of my own viewing for pleasure, I steer clear of any of that shit and , generally, turn something off the second I see something brewing that might go in an unsavory direction.

Which is the best and worst MTV show of all time? Include an honorable mention, so that’s 3 choices in total.
Man, that’s tough. You got so many shows over the years. On one hand, you got stuff like Beavis and Butthead and Liquid TV but also a show like “The real world” pretty much changed TV as we know it.
On some cornball shit, I’m gonna say my #1 show of all time is “Yo!Mtv raps” simply cause it had a profound effect on my life. I used to rush home from school, watch “Video music box” (A local video show that actually far superior to “Yo!”), then watch “Yo!” and it was the best. I feel like , if they re-aired episodes now, I’d still watching it religiously.
As for the worst? It’s a tie between the ill fated “Lyricist Lounge” comedy show and Nick Cannon’s “Wild’n out”. Both these atrocities try to meld hip hop and humor in a way that makes me hate both hip hop and humor. You’d be hard pressed to find something less funny than either of these shows. Perhaps crib death or ethnic cleansing. In fact, if Nick cannon had a show called “Nick Cannon’s ‘Watch this crib death!’, it would only be slightly worse than “Wild’n out”.

What sorts of signals or characteristics does a woman give off that make a man think that she’s “a good time girl” in bed?

I don’t think there are certain things that always do. It’s really on a person to person basis. Like a hyper sexual flirty girl who dances provocatively may think she’s giving off that vibe but, in my experience, those girls are all talk and , more often than not, damaged goods. Same goes for girls who talk a lot of shit about sex. You know how many girls I’ve spoken too who say they give the best head? Tons. You know what the head game was like? Bullshit. The whole “All talk” angle is a very man like thing to do and , just like with men, it’s generally hallow and insecure.
I find the girls that I think would be the best in bed are actually people who are warm and kinda sweet. I know that sounds counterproductive in a way (cause “sweet” kinda can make you think they’ll be uptight) but , generally, a person who seems comfortable in their own skin and accepting of others read, to me, as someone who will be a good time. But, really, it’s hard to tell of characteristics cause the best lovers are people who truly enjoy the acts they’re doing. For a girl, to be into it is like 85% of the act , for men. No one wants to sleep with someone who’s not into it or is obviously not comfortable. Well, except rapists. Those pieces of shit clearly don’t care about all that.

Answers for Questions Vol. 207

What up? Welcome to another edition of “Answers for questions”.You ask it, I answer it. It can be about anything. The weirder the better. If this sounds like something you’d like to participate in, then get on it! Ask me questions! Send them to or leave them in the comment section below. It’s all anonymous so don’t be shy.
Let’s delve into this weeks grab bag.

Recently watched the movie Chef, and one major thing came up in my mind, which is doing what you believe in and what your superiors or powers that be ask you to.

You ever been asked to dj for certain parties, but get a ton of pre-party instructions from the organizer or host to play songs that you aren’t really feeling?

How were you able to deal with the situation, did you play what’s dope to you, find the middle ground, or just completely adhered to these pre-party instructions that go against what you believe.

I’ve never really been that kinda of DJ. To be honest, I’ve never been a DJ at all. I’ve dj’d but , in most of those cases, it was just some low key “for fun” type shit at dive bars. This would generally mean me playing whatever I want (which would typically be old soul music and hip hop) and even that was actually annoying cause , once people get drunk, the requests starts. When the requests start, that’s when the job really starts to be no fun. I wrote about that very topic a while back:
But as far as being told to play a certain type of music at certain parties, I’ve been fortunate to not have to deal with that shit. Sure, if people are dancing and you want them to continue dancing, you’re going to have to play stuff you might not love. But it shouldn’t be a soul crushing experience. After all, you are getting paid for that job and , let’s be honest, there are many worse ways to earn a wage.
The closest I can recall is this one time I was playing some weird electronic festival in upstate NY and the promoter, who was only vaguely familiar with my music, just asked me to not play anything too “rappy”. This was an issue cause my set is full of “rappy” things as I tend to make instrumental rap music. But , it all worked out in the end (I ended up not playing at all due to poor planning on their part).

question for answer: are you into battle rap at all? i heard drake just challenged murda mook to a battle which is HILARIOUS!
Eh…I’ve seen some funny ones and the dudes are generally pretty good but the whole no beat thing is pretty corny to me. I feel like part of rapping is being on beat and the beatless battle scene has opened the doors for endless guys who probably can’t even write a proper 16 bar verse. I mean, there are dudes like Nocando who are both able to battle and make a good song but, i dunno, a lot of those dudes are limited once you drop a drum a beat or ask them to do anything outside of that realm. It’s really just semi-rhytmic mother jokes told by angry spoken word poets.
That said, some of those dudes are extremely clever and have some really great lines. As a dude who used to rap and write “battle raps” (in the early 90’s sense of the phrase), I will always appreciate that angle of it. To be creative within that spectrum is not easy, considering everything has been said by now.

The other night my buddy who is getting married had his “bachelor” party at a Feed Me concert. While he was good and has a following. Something kept coming to my mind. His set up is ridiculous. While it’s cool and all, I feel it’s over the top, on one hand is part of the “spectacle”, Speaking of spectacle I was almost hugged by this rave baby in fur boots but ill tell you that story another time. On the other hand I feel its part of his overcompensation. His set is not that great, its only a “party time” sound. It’s not much of something you listen to while at home chilling. That being said and I am sure you got insight, how do you feel about the spectacle of a show? when is it good and where is that line of over the top?

I think we live in a funny time for live music. Due to the abundance of electronic acts, there’s simply a lot of studio music that is now being “performed” live. I’m no different. It’s all stuff that’s made in a very particular way that now has to somehow be transferred onto a stage. Some people do this by bringing as many machines and gadgets as possible on stage with them. Some opt for just focusing on the visual aspect of the show and cover the stage in screens and LED lights. In both cases, it’s just a whole lot of extra. Now, I 100% get that this is something that needs to be done cause, really, selling a laptop or dj set as a live show experience is tough. I’m older and I clearly remember a time when a dude standing on a stage with a laptop would have been laughed off that stage. Now it’s so normal, no one even questions it. Let me also clarify, I’m part of this. I Do laptop shows. So, I’m in no way pointing fingers here. It’s simply where live music is right now. As much as I’m not into it as a fan (To be honest, I’m over seeing live music in general) I definitely am glad we’ve arrived here , from an artists perspective. Not only does it allow people like me to go and play my music for people but it also pays my bills!
As for the whole “Party time” sound, I think that’s kinda what artists have to do, when approaching live performance. When I started doing laptop sets, I had all sorts of down tempo shit in my set. You know what? It bored the shit out of the crowd and killed the vibe in the room. After those first few tours, I opted to try to find a way to kick up the energy in my set without making my music something it’s not. That means raising the bpm’s a little. That means approaching some more moody and slow songs in a lighter, more fun kinda way. To me, it’s all about finding that middle ground. Some artists go way further with that and make their entire live set something completely different than their recorded music. Really, whatever works. I’ve had people be bummed about my live set not being “More chill” but that’s simply not the vibe of live music. Energy is everything. The idea is to somehow harness that energy in a way that still reflects your recorded music.
I’d also like to add that my new album “Bells and whistles” is partially named around this very topic. Cause really, as electronic artists, sometimes that’s all we got.

Do you have a fave bodega? What classifies as a “great” bodega and what classifies as a “terrible” one?
To people who may live outside of the east coast, a bodega is basically a corner store. They sell all your low level shopping needs, they make sandwiches and are typically run my arabs, koreans or puerto ricans/dominicans. The worse the neighborhood, the cheaper and more authentic they are. If fact, you can often gauge the level of gentrification in a neighborhood by the prices and the level of potato chips at a bodega. They got kale chips? That hood is long gone and you probably can’t afford to live there. If the only cakes they have are little debbie off shoots? Clutch that purse tight cause you’re in the hood.
Anyway,I don’t have a specific favorite Bodega currently. The one on my corner is bullshit and total rip off. Also, the people who run it are dickheads. When I was growing up there was one around the corner from my house that was excellent. They made great sandwiches, they were friendly and they sold me 40’s when I was 15 years old. Good guys. I still drop by that place when I’m in the area and it’s exactly the same now as it was 20 years ago. That’s a rare feat in NYC nowadays. They do have kale chips though. Like 10 varieties.

- Where do you look for samples for the music you make? Own record collection, dollar bins, random purchases, e-digging,… Or do you know beforehand what you want to do and don’t really have to look, like stuff a relative or friend listened to and you thought “Hmm that might work”.

- Depending on that last question: have you ever come across a record or song that was so good you couldn’t sample it, which was it?

Nowadays, I strictly dig online. I’ve given up on records cause 1)The ones I’d want to sample are too rare and expensive. I refuse to pay crazy amounts of money for some greedy record collector who decides how much his records are worth depending on how badly you want them. 2)All the spots near me have been thoroughly ripped. It’s NYC, everyone makes beats and the record stores show that.
So, what I do is I go to various music blogs that give away rare albums and I download them. The quality it typically pretty good and the variety of stuff I find is insane. And it’s free. That’s huge. Sounds cheap but once you realize that the artists you’re sampling wouldn’t be getting a cut no matter how you found the music, it lessens the guilt greatly.
So, yeah, I just go on binges and download tons of random albums. Then I slowly sift through them and save the songs I think I can do something with. I even organize them by instrument in an itunes folder so, when it’s time to make a beat and I need a guitar sound, I can locate it immediately and pick between tons of different possible samples.
As for the last question, I avoid sampling any song I would actually listen to in real life. So, with that in mind, there are endless soul songs I’ve passed over simply cause I didn’t want to ruin them for myself, as songs I enjoy. Those songs, however, I do often sample for my live set.

What is your 2nd least favorite animal (after cats, of course) and why

Rats. I hate rats. I’m scared of them. They’re gross. They’re everywhere. They also have no fear of human beings. I think that’s the most unsettling aspect to them. They will waddle right by you and not even flinch. Fuck rats. I think I actually like cats more than rats. The only advantage rats have on cats is that I’m not allergic to rats. God…I fucking hate rats.

Answers for Questions vol. 206

Yo yo, welcome to another edition of answers for questions. You ask, I respond with honesty. If you’d like to be a part of all this fun, join in and ask me anything. Either leave questions in the comment section below or get fancy and email me one at All I ask is that you be creative and don’t treat this like a high school newspaper interview.
Okay, here’s this weeks stuff…
Hey Blockhead,
I have this question about sampling, and I figured that in light of your recent blog post and deciding to put out your album on your own, it would be pretty relevant. So, I make some sample based hip hop too, but I’ve been, well, less than proactive about getting permission to use my samples. I haven’t gotten in trouble, but sometimes I get worried that I’ll end up getting sued or something. I don’t really know many other producers who do sample based stuff, and I thought I’d hit you up about it especially since you’ve been in the game so long.

So, when you worked with ninja tune did they clear every one of your samples? Did you ever have to scrap a song because you didn’t get permission to use a sample? Have you ever gotten into any legal scuffles over that stuff?

I’m basically wondering if it’s worth it for me to try to clear samples if I’m not making money and I’m not famous, you know? I don’t want to have to give up some of my tracks because an exec wants $1000 for an old obscure ass sample, and I feel like I might put myself on their radar for asking in the first place you know?

I’m just releasing shit on my own right now, I pressed 500 records a couple years ago and I’m on spotify and iTunes and stuff. Like I said it’s a small operation but I’m trying to put out a new record and Any advice you could give me would be awesome.

Let me first just say that, considering the level you’re on now, you don’t need to worry about clearing samples at all. No one is tracking you down to sue you for that beat you made. It only becomes an issue when you either make money off a song with a sample in it or you begin licensing music to commercials and film. While it’s still technically illegal prior to that, so is jay walking in NYC and no one’s getting a ticket for that. So, basically, this is something you do not need to worry about any time soon. I gotta say, if it’s on your mind already though, you may wanna start sampling less from the jump. I can certainly attest that it is limiting, in terms of what you can do with the music after it’s made. I love samples but I’ve also been doing it for 20 years. Perhaps starting off not having to rely on them is not the worst way to get going.
To answer your specific questions, Ninja would clear some samples. It really depends on the song and the sample. But in general, they didn’t clear most of them. Simply cause, with my music, that would be way too expensive and most of those songs are gonna just fly under the radar anyway. Like I said, you’re gonna get sued when the money starts rolling in. My records have done okay but not so well that I need to worry about being sued or getting a cease a desist. I’ve gotten caught for a few samples here and there and , in my experience, the people were actually really cool about it. We just gave them some of the publishing rights to that song and both sides were happy.
“Uncle tony’s coloring book” was a limited edition, US only release because of the samples. Ninja didn’t want their name on it cause they were justifiably nervous about all the crazy samples on it so, instead, we pressed 5000 cd’s and only released it in the states. That’s why it’s not on Itunes or any of those other sites in it’s complete form. So, for me, that’s a worst case scenario. But that happened and now that album is like a collectors item. So that’s kinda cool.
Sampling is great but it certainly has its downsides. You do have to be careful. But, until you’re making money, don’t sweat it. No one is gonna sue you if you have nothing to be sued for.

Not really sure if this question has been asked before.
For me there are a few things that make me automatically think someone’s a douchebag or shallow just by looking at him/her; wearing headphones in public (when you’re a guy, if a girl does it, it depends on how cute she is, I’m a hypocrit and I know it), wearing flip flops in public (unless at/near a beach/pool or on a quick trip from home maybe), dudes wearing button-up shirts with shorts, and the worst one: girls walking with a purse on their elbow and a cell phone in their hand. I know you agree with me on the flip flops. How do you feel towards the other ones? In which cases do you feel strongly negative towards a person based on appearance only?

Wearing headphones in public? How is that douchey? That’s just a person listening to
music. Maybe it’s an NYC thing but that’s par for the course for any trip outside the house that’s gonna be more than 15 minutes. I rock earbuds but only cause I don’t wanna be carrying around big headphones all day.
Anyway, I used to be way worse about this. Most of the things you listed were , at one point, things i would have looked at, rolled my eyes and immediately written the person off. While those things still aren’t looks i hold in high regard, I’ve gotten softer in my older age. Not everyone who wears flip flops is an idiot. Not everyone wearing a shirt with vertical stripes and shorts is a douche. Not every guy who wears those super tight sweatpants that get baggy around the crotch is a total piece of shit. I may hate those outfits, but I’m also not the fashion police. Let them live, shitty wardrobes and all. That said, my judgmental streak has shifted to gauging other humans by their opinions on very particular things. Like if someone just , across the board hates on “South Park” but loves “Family guy”? That’s a huge fucking moron. If someone loves Talib Kweli to the point where they’re willing to argue about it, I don’t think that person and I are meant to be friends. If you think the movie “Macgruber” sucks, I question everything you understand about what makes something funny. If you’re a grown man in your late 30’s who grew up loving hip hop and you go out of your way to love shit like Future or Cheef Keef, I’m judging the fuck out of you and your pitiful grasps at staying relevant in the eyes of a bunch of dumb teenagers. Stuff like that. It’s admittedly short sighted on my part but I think the things people love and are passionate about speaks much louder than how they dress. I know way too many people who simply just dress a certain way cause it’s easy and they don’t give a fuck. I respect that. But your interests should be deeper.

How would you react if someone came to the front of the stage during one of you sets, then dropped their pants and just started jerking off furiously?

Obviously , I’d finish him off with my mouth. He payed for a ticket, it’s the least i can do.
Nah, I would hope that person would be tackled by security. If not, I’d probably just keep rocking the show but if he got near me, I’d kick him in his dick.
Some of these venues I play at don’t exactly enforce much security. I was playing a show in Seattle once and this girl crawled on stage and just lay down underneath the table I was playing on. She was there for like 2 songs until she popped out and tried to talk to me like I wasn’t in the middle of playing a show. I quickly explained to her that she had to go but it didn’t really sink in. It’s a safe bet she was high as a motherfucker. Let’s just say, if she was a male jerking his dick near me, I wouldn’t have been as patient.

Since you don’t listen to instrumental hip hop, where do you find the inspiration when creating your own music? Are there certain producers or albums you listen to? If so, who are they? Is there a specific zone your looking to get into as well, or maybe doing things like walking around your neighborhood late at night listening to music, maybe going to certain clubs/bars at 3:00am and trying to capture that vibe?

This is gonna be a huge let down but I don’t ever step into making music trying to create a mood. I just sit down, listen to songs and look for a sample that grabs me. Once i have that, I build around it. There’s no inspiration, outside of the samples themselves. I’ve never been one to look for other music , as a fan, as a means to inspire me. The music I love is separate from the music I make. In fact, I try to limit outside influence as much as possible cause the last thing I wanna do is sound like someone else. I do see the irony of all this cause I’m an artist who mostly samples but , in my mind, it makes sense.
I’d also add that I’ll never understand why people are so interested in the “inspirations” of another person. I feel as though that kinda thing isn’t palpable and certainly not something you should be able to explain. It’s like being “spiritual”. Most people who harp on it are kinda full of shit. It’s something that happens in your subconscious that shouldn’t really even be something you can pin point. Whenever I hear someone listing stuff they’re inspired by it’s either random parts of nature (yeah bro, sure your EDM dance album was inspired by that sunset you saw in Thailand) or it’s other artists, which leads me to believe they’re kinda biting those “inspirations”. I dunno…it’s one of those questions I’ve been getting for years that I’ve never seen the point of. It’s fluff to me.

squatting verses sitting? Do you practice proper poop posture? …ah, I love alliteration.

Devices such as the Squatty Potty and Nature’s Pedestal make the average person’s shit stance more advantageous, to say the least. Give it a try and tell me it doesn’t change your life.

Man, it had been a while since I got a shit related question. I was beginning to wonder what was wrong with you guys.
As for squatty potty, Umm…wow. I guess this kinda makes sense but, obviously, I have not tried it. Honestly, the name alone would keep me from buying it. Not to mention, I could just make my own at home with a few phone books. Tell you what, i’ll give it a whirl (with the phone books) and see if I notice a difference. It’s definitely gonna get in the way of my laptop though.

If you couldn’t live in the States, where would you live?
Montreal or Toronto would be my first choice. English speaking would be crucial so maybe London or melbourne. I think it might be fun to live somewhere in eastern europe for a year cause i had lots of fun out there when I played shows. I still contend that Cluj, Romania has the hottest girls I’ve ever seen. If i was single, i’d probably just go live there for a year.
But, realistically, Toronto, London (or another UK city), and Melbourne would be my top choices.

Fuck yo’ birth , bro!

“Hey, when’s your birthday? No, really, tell me. I’m super curious. Oh, not cause I’m interested in astrology. Nope, cause your birthday is just really important to me.”
That was an excerpt from my upcoming novel “Things no one has ever earnestly said or thought in the history of the human race”.

Let’s be honest, the sooner we, as a civilization, accept that no one cares about your birthday but you, the better. Okay, maybe your mom cares. She might. After all, it is the anniversary of you coming out her vagina like the kool aid man. How could she ever forget that. In fact, your birthday should be a day you buy her gifts. But I digress…

I’ve been thinking about this lately cause my birthday is on the horizon (october 8th guys, what are you getting me!?!?!?!). I’ve never been one to care that much about my own birthday. I definitely celebrate it but that’s generally an excuse to eat a good meal or get a bunch of my friends together and get drunk. Not cause I actually care that I’m turning one year older. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I celebrated on my actual birthday. Once every seven years? It’s completely arbitrary.

To be clear, this isn’t about getting older. That’s something totally different. It’s no secret that getting older is a bummer. At least for people over 30. But, no, this is about the birth day itself and peoples seem to think other people have to give a shit about it.
How many people (Ahem…girls…cough…) do you know that decide their birthday is , all of a sudden, a week long extravaganza of celebrating their existence? This includes free meals and friend duties that can only be compared to that of a bridesmaid, It’s quite possibly the most unjustifiable thing a person can do to their friends outside of making them go to a musical with you. Fuck all that. It’s YOUR birthday. Not mine. It changes nothing for anyone except you. It has no effect on anything outside of your answer to “How old are you?”. Birthday entitlement is something i feel even the people who have it probably realize they’re full of shit but , yet, they persist. What are we really celebrating? You being born? EVERYONE IS BORN. There is nothing special about it. That’s like me celebrating learning to walk or the first time I ate solid foods.

Comedian Patton Oswalt had a bit about how people should only celebrate particular birthdays. Milestone years. I think that’s a great idea. I’d also add that presents should stop after 21 as well. Too soon? fine. 25. If you’re still angling for presents from your parents, family and friends after 25, you need to chill the fuck out. You know what people over 30 ask for? Socks. underwear. dishes. The most boring shit on earth cause, by that time, you have most of what you need and really just ask for that kinda crap cause you’re too lazy to go get it yourself. It’s basically just making your friends and family run your unwanted shopping errands for you. That’s another level of this entitlement. Expecting gifts. You already got Christmas/Hanukkah. How much more do you need? You’re a grown ass man/woman. Come on, son.

I remember , when I was a kid, my brothers birthday was exactly half a year from mine. So, as a means to shut me the fuck up , my mom would get me a “half birthday gift. This was to curb the jealousy of seeing my bro cash in on whatever the hell it was he got for his special day. Thing is, I was a child and had no common sense or decency. Also, i wanted everything. So, it makes sense. Flash forward 30 years and I would literally forget it was my birthday if it wasn’t for a Facebook reminder.

Now, to be clear, I have nothing against a party. Parties are fun for everyone. The are beneficial for all. It’s a great excuse to get old friends from the different social circles you inhabit and bring them together. But that’s it…one night. One party. Maybe go out to dinner with a small handful of close friends. After that, your day is done. your time is over. The second that dinner bill gets covered, your friends are no longer obligated to give a flying fuck about your or your dumb ass birth. Duty has been served.

Speaking of Facebook, it has opened new doors to how we half ass celebrate a friends birthday. A simple “Happy birthday!” on the wall and we’re good. I’m all for this. It’s a gesture as as empty as the desert sky but, hey, it’s the least you can do. I mean that literally. THE LEAST. Outside of ignoring the persons birthday completely…which is also fine cause, like I said, who cares? Oh wait…some people do actually care. They care a lot. I know people who get legit butthurt about people forgetting to wish them a happy birthday. Those are people i like to call “Dickheads”. If you have a friend like that, you should stop taking them seriously this instant. I’m not saying cut them off but if they can’t handle you not remember the day they were born, then imagine what a mess they’d be if you actually forgot something that mattered in the slightest. It’s a small thing but it does speak volumes about a person and how self important they are.

So, yeah, fuck your birthday. Fuck my birthday. Fuck’em all. Let’s all be the adults we claim to be and just treat it like what it is. Another day. But , still, have that party. People need a reason to leave their house.

Answers for questions vol. 205

Back from the first leg of my tour. Thanks to everyone who came out. I had a great time and my apologies to the places I played with no merch. I sold out early which is a good and bad thing I suppose. I’ll pack accordingly next time, I promise.
Anyway, welcome to another edition of “answers for questions” You ask it, I answer it. If you’d like to join the fun, send me questions. Either leave them in the comment section below or email them to me at As always, be creative. We’re 205 volumes deep. Strive for originality.
Here’s this weeks batch, biatch.
I remember in the past that you saying that don’t get anything mastered (but as i’m typing this i sort of half remember you saying something to the contrary more recently?) – if you do, what was your reasoning behind choosing that particular person, and how involved in the process are you?

I’m pretty sure most music that gets released and isn’t some mixtape shit gets mastered. All my albums have been mastered. In the past, Ninja Tune had a guy they used and my ony job would be to hear the masters and approve them.
With my new album, I had to find a guy on my own but I know enough people at this point where that wasn’t hard. You basically go off the word of others. My involvement was pretty much going to the studio and listening to masters. Other than that, i just let the guy do his job but lead him in the direction you prefer, sound wise.

How do you usually deal with an average A-hole on the streets of New York who says something that makes you want to punch, but you don’t? I know you don’t. It’s you.

First off, I’m the most polite person ever. No lie. I’m highly aware of that kinda stuff when out in public and make an effort to never be an asshole to anyone. I’m a follower of the rules of engagement. So, you know, blow me.
This is like asking a person from boston “How do you deal with all that clam chowder and baked beans you must eat?”. There are dickheads all over NYC but it’s not like people are just walking around starting fights or being rude to one another for no reason. The “new yorkers are rude” claim is one of the most bullshit theories ever. We’re actually pretty helpful and nice. What we do is mind our own business and keep to ourselves. That’s what happens when you live on a tiny island with 8 million people on it. But, compared to a place like, say, paris? We’re an entire island of Mother Teresa’s.
So, when I over hear someone say some dumb shit, I let it go. Maybe I quietly laugh at that person to myself and tell a friend about it later. Being that I’m a civilized human being, I try not to go around punching every person I come across who says dumb shit. In fact, I avoid that at all costs. And, shockingly, it’s extremely easy to not fight people constantly.

Since you don’t drive, or drive much, do you ride a bicycle? If so, how is that in the crazy busy streets of New York?
Nope. I walk and take the subway. Sometimes cabs. But that’s it. I don’t ride bikes. I don’t skateboard. I don’t ride horses. I don’t stand on the roofs of cars and ride them like a surfbort like Teen Wolf. I’m all feet, all the time. In general, If I’m the one controlling them, I don’t do wheels.

I’ve read a little in the past, but forget. What is your approach to a lady you’re really interseted in? This is most likely the past for you anyhow.
This is definitely in the past for me. But, if i can recall, my approach was to flirt and plant seeds. Be charming, read signs. Basically be an intuitive person. It was a slow burn technic but it also had an extremely high success rate. I was never a “meet a girl, bag a girl, fuck a girl” kinda guy. I’m just not that aggressive. I’d imagine, if I were single now, the internet would play a huge part in getting girls. How could it not? Back in the myspace days, it certainly helped so i can only imagine how much it would play into that kinda stuff now.

If New York broke out with the start of the Zombie Apocalypse, where would you go? How would you react?
I lack some serious gumption so I’m pretty sure i’d hide until I got to hungry and then get killed within moments of leaving my hiding place. The only thing that might keep me alive is that I’m a fairly lucky person. So, perhaps, I’d get by on that for a while. But, yeah, I would not be one of those dudes who is around to restart civilization after brad pitt saves the world.

How did you go about learning production – ie, amplifying / lowering specific frequencies, and all of the more technical aspects of sound production? I really don’t know much more than applying high/low frequency filters appropriately and moving sounds around to different areas so as to not mud together. I want to make my shit sparkle, and do all my own mixing & mastering, but i’ve got this mental block caused by me knowing that there is a lot I don’t know. I just want to make my stuff sound as good & full, or at least close enough to the stuff that’s made in studios, and not sound like it was made in a bedroom, even though it is.

I learned through years of trial and error. I’d imagine it would have been much quicker for me if I was able to read instruction manuals and understand what they were talking about, but I’m not. That’s a language I don’t speak. So, I would just tinker around till things started to make more sense. Because of this style of “learning” it took me about 10 years of beat making before I felt I was happy with the sound I was creating. So, albums like “Float” , “Music by cavelight” , “Labor days” and even “Downtown science” were made before i really felt like i fully knew what I was doing.
I think people get hung up on technical aspects way too much in general and overlook the bigger picture of the music they’re creating. Of course you want it to sound good but the song itself being good is so much more important. I’m a firm believer in lo-fi shit. I’m still making music in my bedroom. If you wanna get it to sound good, find the right sounds. Don’t settle for stock keyboard/drum sounds. Seek out great drum sounds. Create your own. But, most of all, get someone else to mix it who knows what they’re doing. A good mix can change a lot of issues you might have had with the music when it was just you and your monitors in the bedroom.

Volume 200, eh? If I do the math, that’s a whole lotta questions. But a lot of them have to be repetitive or similar in theme. How many “archetypes” of questions could you categorize, that you’ve been asked over and over again?
Hmm…so many questions. Lemme just rattle off the first ten that pop into my head
1)”bad interview” questions. Those are things like “What are your influences?” and “What inspires you?”. These questions suck always and I really wish people would stop asking them. It’s arbitrary bullshit like “what’s your favorite color?” or “Bacon or sausage?”. Who gives a shit? I refuse to believe anyone reads answers to these types of questions and is like “Holy shit! that was interesting!”. I think, from now on, when I’m asked those questions in interviews, I’mma just list one person. “On, my greatest influence and inspiration? hmm…I gotta say, without questions, it was Richard Moll. Yes. The actor who played Bull on “Night Court”. He’s everything to me.”
2)”Do you like_____??” which is where some one asks my opinion on a specific artist or movie. I hate these cause they’re always just someone trying to justify their own taste by using me a barometer. Little do they know, I’m a terrible barometer and I most likely have very different musical taste than they think I have.
3)Tons of beat making questions.
4)”would you rather?” type questions. These can be fun but most of the time it’s me picking between the two grossest things on earth that, in all reality, I’d rather die than do in the first place.
5) People will throw a random topic at me. I like these questions cause they give me room to get a nice rant off. Like “What do you think of new moms?” or something like that. Very basic but very easy to sink my teeth into.
6) “Where did your name come from?” is a FAQ
7)Basketball questions. i’m fine with them but I realize, when I answer them, half of the readership skips over them. I’d actually imagine the same thing for any technical music questions as well. Can’t please everyone, I guess!
8)TV show questions. These are kinda like the opinion questions but more pointed. The problem with them is that they’re typically dated by the time I get around to answering them.
9)”state of hip hop” questions. It baffles me that people still pine over this topic but apparently, they do.
10)”Why do you always wear a hat?” Clearly, cause I was born with it attached to me head. Duh.