Answers for Questions vol. 233

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Now that is a fucking bunny! I want it to be known that my mom found me that pic specifically for this purpose.
Anyway, hi there. Hope your easter/passover/satanic ritual weekend was lovely. I’m sad to see the cadbury egg time of year pass but all good things end eventually.
This is Answers for Questions. You ask, I answer. This is a place where you can really get strange and have fun. If you’d like to ask me stuff, ANYTHING, go for it. Email me questions to or leave the in the comments below. Get creative.
Let’s check this weeks batch…

I’ve been wanting to create a short movie-reel, showing the movie scenes that served as samples in your songs. You also sample rappers and songs, obviously, but do you have any preference? How do you decide what could serve as a good vocal sample? Are those mainly phrases who just stuck to you and you seek to implement them into one of your songs some time? In short: what is your process?

The process is pretty random, as far as what I chose to sample.
I start making a beat with one sound or sample. Once I have that how I like it, I simply build off it. What follows is totally arbitrary. I pretty much just stack as many samples as I see fit and then step back from it to see what I can do with it. Then i kinda take it apart again and arrange it how i see fit.
As far as vocal samples, I have a collection of songs with vocal samples in them that I keep in an I-tunes playlist. If I think the song requires a vocal sample, I’ll go to that and just start playing around with clips until I find one that makes sense. If it’s a vocal sample from a rap song, I’m generally just going off memory. Like, say a song is about a particular thing, I’ll wrack my brain to think of a rapper talking about that topic. That can be frustrating but it’s worked thus far in my career.

I am sure I won’t be able to identify all your vocal samples, especially since some are distorted in your tracks, but should I hit a wall in the reel-making process: can I turn to you? Or are your samples, like banger-tracks in the early hip-hop-days, a secret you keep?

That I cannot help you with. The sample sources must stay as quiet as I can possibly keep them. People will often figure them out but there is no way I’m gonna assist you. Sorry.

Have you ever wondered how you will die? If you had the ability to choose, how would you want to go out? Also, have you thought about what you’d want your funeral to be like?

I don’t think about dying much. I mean, every time a plane I’m on rattles I have a flash of that being the end but that’s as close as I get. I kinda assume I’ll die an unspectacular death like most people. Old age, disease, a doctors mistake. If I had to choose, I’d probably go out as peacefully as possible. Like maybe sleeping while on heroin. I bet that’s nice. I just want quick and painless with no chance of accidental survival that will leave me worse off than I was before. The thought of trying to die and failing is awful. Especially if you’re left paralyzed or something afterwards. I’m a man of simplicity and short cuts. Whatever is fastest and most effective, let me get that.
As far as my funeral, I really don’t care. David cross used to have a great bit on that. After I’m dead, I don’t care what happens to my body. I’ll be dead. So, i would hope my funeral would reflect that. I hate funerals (but really, who likes them?) so I’d want mine to be as quick and light as possible. Maybe set my casket up so I’m covered but only my hand is sticking out the box so people can run by me and give my one last high five. But they’d have to do it in a speedy and nonchalant way like two teams when a little league game ends. I’d be into that.

What’s currently happening with the hugely underrated DJ Signify ? He hasn’t put anything out for quite a while. I hope he hasn’t stopped beat making.

I actually don’t know. I haven’t spoken to him in a few years. Last I heard he was living in Boston but moving out west. He was working on music at the time but he also was working a job and in school as well. So,yeah, I really can’t tell you. That’s my dude though. I should give him a call.

With you being such a tried and true city person, how many times (approximately) have you set foot in a Walmart? Also, Target and Costco.

I have never been inside a costco. I’ve been in a target maybe twice and walmart maybe 3 times. Every time was while on tour. I bought some terrible sweatpants on Walmart for like 8 bucks. I can see how that kinda place would be addictive.

Do you ever go on dates with fans? Say there was this girl in Vancouver who was a super fan and thinks you’re funny and handsome and would love to take you for coffee before your next show there (or maybe do something after…). Would you say yes if she asked? Is this too creepy? (Also, she’s pretty and smart so you wouldn’t be saying yes to some ug.)

Well, I have a long time girlfriend so that’s a problem off the bat. I’m pretty sure she would not give me the okay on the “date with a stranger in vancouver” plan. Oh well!
But, let’s take this as a hypothetical question, I would be a little unsure about accepting a date from a stranger from the internet in general. Especially if they promised me they were smart and not an “ug”. I’ve watched far too much Catfish to ever trust anyones personal opinion of themselves. That said, it’s not creepy (though, if asked differently, it certainly could have been). It’s flattering. Old men like me need that kind of flattery every now and then.

What kind of music do you tend to listen to at the gym (such a basic question…sorry!)
I actually listen to podcasts mostly. That said, I haven’t worked out at the gym in forever. I just go play basketball.

Yo yo yo. Do you live off your music? Or do you have a part time job other whatever to help stay a float. As a producer how easy is it in your opinion to live off of music?

I do live off music. I have since 2004. I’ve been very fortunate/lucky with many things in order for me to be able to do so.
I will say it is not at all easy to live off music in 2015. You need to tour all the time. That’s how we make money. When i started it, I could sell beats, live off royalties and do random jobs here and there to live comfortably. But , with there being no money in selling music, that’s all been stripped away. You either license music or tour. And it’s hard to tour if no one knows who you are. Hell, it can be tough to tour when you actually have a decent fan base.
When every anyone asks me about doing this professionally, I tell them don’t quit their day job. Not to be a dick but cause, really, the % of people actually able to make this work on a real life scale is miniscule. Always have a back up plan for when the music doesn’t work out. That said, I do not have a back up plan know…say whattup to me in 5 years when I’m making your coffee for you.

Answers for Questions vol. 232

What up every one? Welcome to Answers for questions. You ask, I respond.
If you’d like to join the fun, I’d love it. Send me questions to or simply leave them in the comment section below.
Side note, I just wanted to shout out all the people who came and saw my shows the last few weeks. I had a great time touring with Arms and Sleepers. Really good dude as well as a talented musician. I hope you all had fun as well and , if we took a pic together, lemme have it. I wanna post it in my facebook album dedicated to that tomfoolery. I got a ton more shows coming up with Mono/poly. Hitting spots all over North america so check my website for more info and tickets.
And with that, lets get into it…

What’s your stance on Starbucks chains?
My Stance? Well…From what I can tell, they make coffee. A lot of people love coffee. Some like to go to smaller coffee shops, some will get their coffee from anywhere. Then there is a whole portion of people who like to go to this place called Starbucks cause they make milkshakes that taste like coffee. As someone who doesn’t drink coffee, none of this concerns me. If I drank Coffee, I’d imagine I’d go to starbucks on occasion. Like at airports on in small towns.
I don’t get involved or have any interest in the politics of chains. Sure, it bums me out when a store/restaurant I loved closes and a starbucks opens in it’s place but that just an unfortunate aspect of being alive in 2015. But, in general, I don’t go to many chain stores. Not cause I’m taking a stand against them (though I do boycott all 7-11’s in NYC) but cause I live in a city where there are always other options.

Do you still get nervous when YOUR about to play in front of a large group of people? Do you find that after years of PLAYING, it gets easier as time goes on? Do you have any rituals you do before to overcome nerves? What about public speaking? If you’ve done that, has it come easier to you, from your years of performing in front of people?

It definitely gets easier. I don’t have rituals , I just go up and do it. I will say that, the times I’m most nervous depend on the crowd. Like if I’m playing a huge room, I’ll be more nervous. But, at the same time, if I’m playing a show that’s a total dud and no one is there, I’ll also get nervous. The shows that fall between those sizes, I’m generally pretty calm about.
The only time I get nervous outside of that is if there’s something wrong with the show itself. Like the stage is open so there’s people walking behind me the whole time (I hate that the most) or if the lighting is fucked up and I’m just standing there, with no visuals behind me and a spotlight on me. That shit is not ideal.
Public speaking is a different story. It’s one thing for me to get on a mic and talk to a crowd. I can do that with no problem. I may not be great at it but it doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable. But if I have to remember something or give a speech, then I get nervous. For instance, when I spoke at my brothers wedding and my arms was shaking. It’s also one of the reasons I never excelled at rapping (aside from a lack of skill). I had trouble with memorization. That’s what makes me nervous. So , when that is in play, it will definitely mess with me.

If you had to swap buttholes with one of these people for 30 days, which would you choose?

1. Someone climbing Mt. Everest, that has run out of toilet paper.
2. Female porn star, that does not do anal.
3. Someone competing for the world champion hot dog eating contest.

I think I’d go with the female porn star who doesn’t do anal. I’d imagine they’re buttholes get treated like kings. Pampered even. Definitely licked. And considering that a lot of those girls are on diet pills and other drugs, they probably don’t even shit that much. So, in a way, have that butthole would be like a vacation for my actual butthole, who has been through some shit both literally and figuratively.

how does one appropriately dance to your music? Ya beats put me in-da-couch dude, but I mean that in a extremely good way. I want to be an active audience member but don’t really uh know how to do anything then bob my head, or bang it sometimes.

At home? I have no idea. I don’t really make specific dance music. I’d argue that there are some very danceable songs in my catalogue but, overall, that’s not its main purpose. I mean, it’s got a constant drum beat, right? So , technically, if you have rhythm , it’s all danceable in some way.
My live set, however, it a little faster and more energetic so it’s not hard to dance to at all. Basically, if you’re able to dance, you can generally find a way to move to anything. Watching the crowds at my shows has definitely taught me that. It also taught me that spinning around with your arms out is a type of dance. Who knew?

Are you planning on playing at any of the big festivals this summer in the US? If so can you drop a hint? I haven’t seen ya on any of the lineups.

Nope. Nothing lined up that I know of. I’ve toured like crazy this past year so I’m probably gonna take some time off from doing shows for a while. I need to start making new music again.

What’s the deal with Stacy Dash…why do you think she sucks so much?
Do I hate her so much? I wasn’t aware. I haven’t been keeping close tags on her but, from what I’ve seen, she’s a republican. So, that’s kinda weird. But, other than that, she was a super hot woman who aged incredibly well but, in general, was never that much of a factor either way. Certainly not someone I dedicate any daily thought to. I have definitely jerked off to her in playboy though. So there’s that. #memories

When I got into your music I was also introduced to the likes of Blue Sky Black Death and Little People. Since then I’ve always wondered: do you keep tabs on fellow instrumental producers? Is there any sort of mutual acknowledgement or even knowledge exchange? Are there any you are especially fond of?
This is a very well covered topic on this blog but, to be honest, I don’t really listen to any instrumental music in my free time. The only way I peep artists like me is when I tour with them. Because of that, I know that Little People is awesome. BSBD is also awesome but I know them more for the beats they’ve done with rappers.
But, in general, I’m not checking for my peers that much. Not cause I don’t respect them, it’s simply not a genre of music I listen to in my free time. I will peep a soundcloud stream or a new video here and there but , outside of that, it doesn’t really find it’s way into my rotation. I probably wouldn’t listen to my own instrumental music if I wasn’t made by me. That said, I know a shitload of talented producers out there whom I’ve met on the road. There’s a pretty large talent pool out there.

So this new Earl Sweatshirt album..

It’s been a big week for releases that everyone is losing their mind over. Kendrick dropped an album and the internet exploded. Apparently, it’s the best album ever made. I haven’t heard it but , honestly, I’m just not really into him. Dude is an exceptional rapper and has a very strong vision that I respect greatly but I simply never feel like listening to him. It’s not him, it’s me. Action bronson also dropped a new album. I haven’t peeped it yet either but with Bronson, you kinda know what you’re getting. He’s funny and strange and has a good ear for beats. I’mma definitely check it but there is less urgency there.
The last dude to drop something new is Odd Future’s pride and joy, Earl Sweatshirt.
It’s streaming here:
Now, i don’t typically write reviews on this site. As an artist, it’s just kinda shitty to do. Let the people who don’t make music have all the opinions, right? It’s just so easy to be biased , as an artist. That said, every now and then i get inspired. It’s not usually for good reasons though. it’s usually cause people are freaking out and I have it engrained in me to be like “Hey, chill’s not that good or bad…”. I’mm libra, yall! I did it with “Yeezus” and I did it with Earl’s Debut “Doris”. Doris was okay. it had some good songs but, overall, earl seemed bored and a little all over the place. It was kinda like an album made by someone who didn’t really want to make an album. With his second album “I don’t like shit, I don’t go outside” it feels like we’re getting the album we had hoped his debut might have been. All the complaints about his first album (he’s got no energy, the beats are meh, the songs don’t go anywhere, wasted talent, etc…) are pretty much fixed on this album. I’m not saying this is perfect album or even close to that but it’s definitely very good and huge improvement.
As a dude who always pays attention to beats, the initial thing that jumps out to me is the production. I could be misinformed but I heard that Earl himself produced the majority of this album. That’s pretty impressive. It’s got a very specific sound and it feels as though earl, by making his own tracks, is able to be himself musically. Sure, he can rap on menacing Tyler the Creator beats but he’s clearly way more at home over slow, somewhat off kilter jazzy beats. He likes rhodes and pianos. Simple melodies really but when you rap as well as Earl, that’s all you really need. He even delves into some instrumental stuff as some of the songs trail off into totally different , all musical parts. In general, he creates a pleasant backdrop for him to do as he pleases with. And that leads me to the next improvement. Earl has always been a great rapper. When he first came out, i was writing on this very blog about how he may be the best 16 year old rapper since LL cool J was rapping in Krush Groove. On “Doris”, that skill didn’t go away. He could still write and rap in a way that was often so good it slipped by you without resonating. I’ve definitely had moments listening to songs off “doris” that I hasn’t given much thought to when, all of sudden, it would hit me “Damn..he just murdered that verse” why did I overlook it? Probably cause he rapped with the enthusiasm of a kid reading aloud in class. On his new album, it seems he’s got a little energy. Sure, there are some songs where he’s still the quiet and reluctant rapping earl but having the tracks where he actually raises a voice a little bit really evens the whole thing out. It’s like if Eminem had only rapped like Triumph the insult comic dog on HALF of his songs, that album might have been more palatable. Nah, it would have still sucked but you know what I mean.

Another thing this album has going for it is great guests. Last years rapper of the year (in my opinion) Vince Staples returns to do what he does. Ratking’s Wiki pops up out of nowhere for a bi-coastal song that was a joy and surprise to hear. and then you got the two dudes I’ve never heard of…Dash and Na’kel. No clue who they are are or where they’re from. They could very well just be dudes Earl smokes weed with but, whoever they are, I like them. I can’t say either will be a star but what they contribute on the album definitely adds to it as a whole. That’s what posse cuts used to be like. Instead of gathering famous rappers to spit throwaway verses, dudes would just let their unknown boys get off a verse. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was bad but it was always interesting to hear.
Another thing I really like about this album is that it bends for no one. Earl basically made an enjoyable rap album of somewhat depressing songs about being anti social. There are no singles. So much so, the first song he dropped, “Grief” may be the least accessible song on the whole album.

I almost feel like he dropped that first just to be like “Fuck yall”. I know when I first heard it, i was like “hmm…i like the rapping but that beat isn’t really my shit…” but , when heard in context with the album, it makes a lot more sense.
The final thing I’d like to point out is how goddamn listenable this album is. Not just musically.It’s a great length (pause). It clocks in around 30 minutes. You can listen to it twice in an hour. That’s no filler right there.
So, yeah…Good job Earl!

Answers for questions vol. 231

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Hi there everyone. After some technical difficulties yesterday, I’m back. I’m out west right now in the middle of a two week tour. So, you know, pardon the lack of content lately. You boy is kinda busy.

Anyway, this is Answers for Questions.  Strangers send me random questions about anything (most are music, food or shitting related) and i do my best to answer them. If you’d like to join the anonymous fun, fire away. Send me questions OR leave them in the comment section below. No pressure. This column is as fun and interesting as you make it. Ask me anything.

Let’s delve into this weeks batch.

If you had to choose between your favorite pizza or your favorite sandwich, what would you choose and why?  Also, describe what you think is the perfect pizza and sandwich is like. 

Man…this is difficult. I love both of those things so very much. On one hand, A great chicken parm sandwich is the perfect food to me but pizza…pizza is an unstoppable force of carbs and cheese. I think, if I really weigh out the pros and cons, I gotta go with sandwiches cause variety always wins. Sure, You can put anything on a pizza but that doesn’t mean it will work. With sandwiches, things like BBQ will actually make sense. Hell, you can even make a nutella/banana sandwich or an ice cream sandwich if you feel like dessert.

I’ve already described my perfect sandwich above but for pizza? I might actually be very simple about it. Just a real fresh slice the perfect sauce and cheese, some grated parmigian cheese and maybe some crushed garlic. It’s all about the ingredients that make the plain pizza good. Toppings are great and all but, without that strong foundation, it doesn’t matter. Motherfuckers out here putting hamburger meat and buffalo chicken on their pizzas are missing the point, if their crust , sauce and cheese are mediocre.

 Have you ever smoked DMT? What happened?

Nope. I’ve had it described to me by a bunch of people and I think I’ll pass. I enjoy mushrooms on occasion but I’ve never been one who’s looking for the life altering trip. I just wanna bug out and laugh. DMT sounds way too intense for me, No matter how many people tell me it’s life changing, I’m good with my life. It doesn’t need THAT much changing. I don’t like the idea of any drug I can’t be somewhat social on. Sitting on a couch , watching the walls melt and figuring out if my dad ever loved me is not a good time to me. I’m a person who likes to always be in control of my faculties , at least  a little bit.

You often say that you dont listen to downtempo or however the gender of your music has to be named. Do you like YOUR music? I mean when you make it do you like it? Or is it more like having a feeling that everything is in its place?

“Liking” ones own music is a tricky conversation. I mean, of course I like it on some level cause it came from me. It’s my brain and ears at work. I can’t say I’d bump my own music if I didn’t make it cause I honestly don’t know. I don’t listen to any instrumental music. It generally bores me. That said, my music doesn’t sound like most instrumental music. It’s way more ADD, which I could see appealing to me on some level. But, i dunno…this is one of those questions I don’t really know how to answer. I think every artist should like their own music. Even self hating artists, deep down, should appreciate it enough to feel confidant in releasing it into the world. But I do think that artists who listen to their own music like it’s not their own music are fucking weird. We all bump our own shit but we listen to it from a place of judgement. When I’m making an album, I relentlessly listen to demos of each song and figure out what works and what doesn’t. It’s part of the process. But once that album is mixed and done? I’m not trying to hear that shit anytime soon.

When you’re at a show–not on stage because I know you’re usually pretty in the zone then–but just hanging around, do you ever think that you could have given advice to that guy over there regarding the girl he’s with? Or answered the absurd question of the girl in the front row? When you’re at the merch table, do people ever reveal themselves to be the person who asked that question?

I don’t think about it ever but that’s a funny concept. I mean, it’s possible.

I’ve had a few people reveal themselves as folks who have asked me questions or submitted to “Ask dr. Tony”. I actually had a dude come up to me recently and ask me if I’d answer a Dr. Tony question right at the merch booth. And, assuming there’s not people waiting to buy some shit, I would. I love that kinda shit.  unfortunately, the dude never got around to asking me the question.  It’s too bad cause I was prepared.

If tacos were suddenly made illegal and they actually cracked down and put people in jail for eating tacos. Would you eat out a sweaty Oprah Winfrey (once a year) for unlimited tacos for you and friends/family?

I would miss taco’s dearly but, alas, life would go on. So much good food exists that , even if tacos were banned, i’d be fine. It should also be noted that I live in NYC where, until about 3 years ago, we had only shitty tacos. so, you know, them vanishing wouldn’t be that strong a blow to the manner in which I stuff my fat fucking face. You take away pizza? I might have a go at oprah’s b-hole for that.

 Plain, old, and simple, I want to produce electronic instrumental music, much like your taste. I understand it takes time and practice makes perfect, but where do I start? Frankly, I beatbox a lot and think of different beats all the time in my head. I sometimes record myself thinking I should turn this into a real song on a computer. I don’t play any instruments. I know fruity loops is a popular software, along with pro tools, and I know about ableton launchpads. What has come to mind is maybe buying a keyboard, start there, connect it to my computer and see what I can come up with, maybe an ableton launchpad too? Or should I practice on using software before hardware? I’m just lost and looking to follow a path. 

I should create a FAQ segment of this blog. The “I wanna make music , what should I do?” question is one I’ve been getting for years. Sadly, there’s no real answer for it.  You kinda just have to pick a medium and dive in. Whatever is in your price range and available, get that and just start working on it. I use abelton and it’s awesome. I know people who make great beats on fruity loops. It is what you make it. If you can possibly link up with a friend who makes music and look at what he does, it might give you some ideas. But I don’t have a definitive answer.  It all depends on your money, what kinda music you wanna make and how much you’re willing to learn. When I started, I put a sampler on lay away and paid for it for 8 years. I knew i wanted to make rap beats and I had heard the RZA used a certain sampler, so I go that one. I could have easily gotten a different one and still made the same kind of beats. The point I’m saying is just pick something and go with it. You can always upgrade or change equipment later, once you have things more figured out.

Answers for Questions Vol. 230

Hi there! Welcome to another edition of “Answers for questions”. You ask, I answer. Simple stuff, really. If you’d like to partake in this magic, fire away. I’m not picky. Either leave the questions in the comment section below or email them to me at Have fun with it.
Oh, also, I’m heading out on the road this week for the next few months. Lots of North American dates…Check my website for details:
Come to my shows and tell me how little you enjoy my blog. It’s okay. You wouldn’t be the first. Anyway, let’s get into this weeks batch…

Do you ever feel odd when a fan from another country speaks to you in English, and your unable to speak back in theirs? I’m sure many people in other countries know English as a 2nd language, while us Americans (many of us) only speak in one language.

It is. When I’m in foreign countries I constantly feel insecure about speaking to the natives. Not only cause I feel like I immediately come off as a dumb American but even trying to speak a tiny bit of their language is off putting. Like saying “merci” in France. I feel as though even trying to speak the language is disrespectful. In reality, that’s logic make no sense but I definitely feel that way at all times overseas. It kinda sucks actually. I should learn another language but, you know, that’s hard and fuck all that. USA! USA! :eats five hot dogs and shoots a machine gun into the sky:

Would you rather be married to a professional mountain climber that always made you come on expeditions where you had to camp in the mountains and cook dehydrated food over a campfire, or a female version of Riff Raff that rapped in a different language and constantly asked you for advice about beat making but then told you your ideas were bad and just did the opposite anyway?
Ughh…i think I’d go with the mountain climber. One thing I’ve learned is that it’s hard to date someone who does what you do. I’ve never even remotely come close to that but considering simply being friends with people like that can be a chore, adding intimacy and feelings to that, it sounds like a total nightmare. I mean, so does dating that fucking mountain climber but at least i wouldn’t be arguing about rap with her all day.
I don’t mind talking rap and nerding out with my buddies but , ideally, i wanna be able to come home and not do that. Personally, a Girlfriend should be a sanctuary from that that kind of conversation.

Do you think Katy Perry’s breasts are overrated, or underrated?
I’d have to see them in the nude to truly tell but, from what I can see, they look pretty good to me. I’d say they’re fairly rated until proven otherwise. Unless she had jacked up nipples or tons of veins, how bad could they really be?

I’ve seen most of your demo reviews and I have yet to see you give any 9s or 10s in any of the categories, what are some hip hop tracks that you would give a 9-10 in all of the categories production, vocals etc. I’m really curious what you consider to be a 9 or 10, I was really surprised when you reviewed daylight I easily thought it deserved a 9 in each category, although I do agree with you on most of your demo reviews.

Hmm…i feel like 10’s exist as something untouchable. They are perfect and there is no such thing as a perfect song. So nothing one earth could ever get a 10. A nine? “Follow the leader” by Eric B and Rakim could get that for beats and rhymes. “Ny state of mind” by Nas. “The guidelines” by Aceyalone. “Releasing hypnotical gases” by Organized Konfusion. “Aquameni” by Outkast. I’m just rattling off random ones but those would all get that kinda rating from me.

You said that Aes hadn’t nearly reached his potential on Daylight. When do you think he really came into himself fully as a rapper? Obviously there are a lot of aspects to rapping so it may be a tough question but you know… I’m channelling my nerd power.

I think , as a rapper, Aes found his voice on the Fast cars ep and perfected it on “None shall pass”. Since then, he’s gotten better with every album. There aren’t many rappers you can say that about. He found his groove, flow wise and , lyrically, he settled into a nice medium between his old extremely verbose styles and a more down to earth approach that he first used on “No regrets”.

flash to the present to your eating days for this scenario. suppose some mystical fattie you met in the grocery store offers you a fridge that’s always regenerating food. you never have to fill it and you get unlimited food to infinity. but it never changes inventory, so you have to pick what food you want to constantly be able to eat forever. do you barefoot contessa some list to maximize your food options or pass and just fill the freezer with burritos and totinos pizza rolls?
I mean, if the list can be incredibly long I’d be all over it but if he offers me 5 foods, fuck all that. I like variety. In fact, I love it. Food is my favorite thing on earth so , unless my list of foods can be like 50 pages long, i’d pass on it completely and just keep living my life how I live it. These genies always trying to come into your life and throw curveballs at you. Can i live, genies?

Do you believe in the singularity? Ray Kurzweil thinks that humankind will merge with computers around 2045 and that we’ll all live forever in a kind of A.I. techno eden. He foresees that some humans will reject the whole thing and choose to stay as human beings in nature reserves while the rest of the planet is turned into a giant computer. Which side will you be on?

I’d like to think I’ll side with the humans. I love many of the benefits computers have given us. Hell, I’m admittedly addicted to the internet but I’m also a person who lived as an adult before this shit was all encompassing. life was fine back then. It would actually do a good amount of people a service to know what that was like cause I fear large portion of people today would probably end up on the computer side of things.
While i can’t really call it on the exact date he has decided on, I definitely agree with Kurzweil in some ways. We are barreling towards a world that will be impossible to exist in without computers. It already is but it’s only going to get worse.

Do you miss doing The Rogglecast? Do you miss Pollyne? Has she run into Moby yet? (so many queries..)

I miss Pollyne more than doing the Rogglecast. Don’t get me wrong, I loved doing that but it was only around for a year. I’ve known Pollyne for like 15 years. There’s more to miss there than a weekly recorded conversation.
I don’t think she’s met moby but she did meet Anders from Workaholics and Eric Andre. So, that’s a start, right?

Is it too late for Jay Electronica?

It’s rare that old rap heads get excited about new rap nowadays. It’s even more rare when that excitement is a rapper who might actually be relevant in todays musical landscape. When I first heard Jay Electronica, my initial reaction was “What’s up with this corny name?”. It sounded like an EDM producer from a third world country. But when I heard the raps, I felt something I hadn’t in a long time. There was something about Jay’s voice, flow and lyrics that took me back. They made me get the same feeling I would , back in the day, after I would buy cassettes at Disc-o-rama on west 4th street. I’d come home , Throw down my book bag, put a tape into the cassette player and just let it run. While it played, i’d meticulously go through the liner notes. Reading the production credits, looking at the artwork and checking the shout outs to see who this group/rapper knew. This was a time when i was a teenager and everything was exciting. Especially rap music. Flash forward 20 years and it’s a different story. I don’t listen to albums like that any more. I can’t. I got shit to do. At best, I’ll throw it in my Ipod and walk around with it and catch he whole thing over the course of a few weeks. Even then, I’ll get 20 seconds into a track, decide I’m not into it and skip it. Between aging and technology, it’s simply a different ball game.
So, when I heard Jay Electronica (this was probably 5 years ago at this point), it hit a nerve. He was a rapper who was clearly from my era of rap fans (IE he was old) BUT he had an edge that didn’t make him sound like a revivalist. One song in and I wanted to know everything about him. Since liner notes were not an option, I turned to the internet which is like liner notes for earth. A little research and I found Jay had a few mixtapes (which I quickly downloaded). He had enough material to really dig into. One would almost think , at that point, you were dealing with a prolific artist. And that’s a funny concept once you get familiar with Jay Electronica.
Since that time, it would appear Jay has hit a wall. Not of creativity but of production. After dropping stellar mix tapes and loose tracks in short period of time, he finally got the attention he deserved. Puffy, nas and Jay-Z all were knocking on his door. He did songs with two of them eventually. Word was he signed to Defcon records. Then word was he signed to The Roc (Jay-z’s label) and that’s where the trail went cold. Electronica started to become the Andre 3000 of underground rap. Every fan begging for an album…or even a song, but nothing. Every now and then, out of nowhere, he’d drop a song that would remind us all of why we desperately wanted new material but, as quick as that song would come, he would vanish into thin air with only a faint promise of “The album drops soon, guys…”.
There was even gossip going around. He was with Erykah Badu AKA the hip hop baby factory but then he was supposedly having an affair with a married woman from the insanely rich Rothchild family. There was talk of him being a drunk and having a terrible work ethic. All the while, he was supposedly working on his solo album “Act II: Patents of Nobility” for Roc nation records. There was even a leaked tracklisting that may or may not have been real. Then I heard that the album was done, Jay-z loved it, but was sitting on it cause it didn’t have any hits. Which seemed counterproductive to anyone familiar with Electronica’s music. He’s not a guy who makes hits. He’s a tried and true rapper. Trying to milk him for success isn’t in the cards for him. He’s a dude who will much sooner have 20,000 devoted fans than 1,000,000 people who’ve even heard of him, like one song but really have no opinion o him outside of that.
So, with all this push and pull, Jay’s fans are seemingly left in a strange position. It’s like an abusive relationship. We love this person but they just keep disappointing us. For every gentle kiss on our forehead, there’s a back handed slap to the face and the door slamming behind them that follows it. My question, for fans of Jay, is it too late? Can he still make an album that you want to check out? Personally, I’m a forgiving person and , more than anything, the quality of the songs he’s released has no waned. He may drop one song a year but I’ll be damned if that song isn’t great.
So, last week, a new song of his leaked “Road to perdition” and, surprise, it’s really good.
Here that it:
Road to Perdition
Also, I put together a folder of some of my favorite songs of his so, to the uninitiated , this could be a good starting point for you:

But I ask you, Is it too late for this guy? Answer the poll (you can pick more than one answer, btw)…

Answers for Questions vol. 229

Whattup everyone…back from Europe and ready to feel regular again. Thanks to all the people who came out to the shows. It was a great time.
Anyway, this is “Answers for questions”. You ask, I answer. I always need for questions so wend them my way. Email them to me at or leave them in the comment section below. I can’t stress enough to get creative. I’ve gotten a bunch lately that are all kinda boring music related questions , which is fine, but I need some weird ones too to keep this interesting. Give me your best shot.

Ill be at the aesop show here in NY soon and i wnated to ask you, is it hard to attend an aesop show since his fans are your fans? can you enjoy the show without someone dapping you every 10 mins when youre in the crowd?

It’s very easy. I fly under the radar to a point where I’d say maybe 5% of the people at his shows can recognize me by my face. That’s the good thing about being a producer. You’re behind the scenes and it allows for the most anonymity. I can walk through the crowds at my own shows and generally go unnoticed. It also doesn’t hurt that I’m super normal looking and dress how I do so I don’t exactly stand out in crowds.

If you had to pick one song to be your theme song (30 seconds of any song) what would it be? Mind you, it plays whenever you walk into a room/with more than 5 people.
I’ve long said “Downtown Swinger” by MOP would be the music I’d come out to if I was a boxer. I think I’d stick with that one. On the downside, if I was walking into , say, a funeral, that would be shitty but I can’t base my entire life around the off chance I’m gonna be at a funeral. I feel like the smart move would be to pick something non-offensive and kinda background music-ish. Like a Kenny G song. Man, how funny would it be to have “Songbird” play every time I entered a room…That would actually be amazing.
Side note…how crazy is it that that song was a hit. I’m talking it was on pop radio and had major sales. Can you imagine that now? If some dude with a sax made an instrumental joint that got played on pop radio?

Is it just me or is the amount of static electricity this winter way more intense than usual??? I keep getting crazy-strong static shocks all over the place!
I haven’t noticed. Do you perhaps have shag carpeting?

Have you ever accidentally said a text abreviation out loud, like LOL, ROFL or OMG? I am ashamed, but I actually said LOL out loud once. I blame an extreme amount of texting that week, mixed with some serious sleep deprivation. Luckily I was only around a few family members, and I don’t think anyone really noticed. I still feel deep sham

I pride myself on not doing that. For one, I’m an adult. Secondly, all that text abbreviation shit came way after my brain had locked into how it’s ways so it would take a lot for something like that to seep in. I try to not even use those type of things in texts, let alone actual human interaction. I’m more of a “HAHAHAHAHA” guy than and “LOL” guy, if that makes sense.

You find out that your girlfriend has been cheating on you for the past year. Would you rather it be with a skinny little asian guy or a huge, jacked muscular black dude?

I think anyone who doesn’t go with the little asian dude is lying. Men are so ego driven that the last thing we want to think about is our girl with a greater physical specimen. Not to shit on skinny little asian guys but, you know, I’m kinda tall, broad and far from little. I think the idea that we could take whoever the guy is in a fight is strangely comforting. Then again…if she was cheating this the buff black guy, I’d get that. He’s a buff black dude. Where as a skinny little asian guy would feel like it came out of left field. So, I’d have to assume it was for emotional reasons which might be worse…but still…that male ego gonna do what it does. I think the worst thing would be if it was with a dude who looked just like me. But, for the sake of my ego, I’d go with Skinny asian dude.

On your social networks, (aside from English) what are the most common languages that your fans (attempt to) communicate to you in?
I don’t think anyone has ever tried to communicate with me in a foreign language…which makes sense as I speak english and most people can tell that on all my networks. The closest I get to anything else is when I get tagged in tweets or facebook posts written in other languages.

I wonder how you handle/work (around) your add.

With me a very structered job helps a lot (as you may have noticed im quite impulsive and sometimes cant keep my mouth shut ) if not im lost/chaotic. I also find it very difficult to bring structure in my personal life. Maybe you have Some good tips and tricks for me.

When making tracks you get in hyper focus?
Do you have any struggles because of add on professional or personal level?
How do you bring structure in your life?

I bring structure to my life by simply having a regiment. This blog is actually part of it. During the week, i get up, write this blog, go eat then start my day. It’s the only constant for me , as what follows is dependent on what I’m doing that day. Sometimes I’ll work on music, other times I run errands, other times I go to the gym, other times I’ll just chill and watch TV while I fuck around on the internet.
But the way I start the day is crucial to me. So much so that when it’s bothered, it’s annoys me. That actually happens pretty often but I feel as though at least having that structure keeps me in order.
As for making tracks and focus, I’m very much a person who finishes what I started. So I generally see a beat the entire way through in a day , if I’m working on it. I’m like that outside of music too. I just like things to be done with. Not a fan of things being open ended.

Hey blockhead, been a massive fan for years, i bought music by cavelight with the bonus aesop rock instrumentals and been hooked ever since. Anyway, are you more of a hardware producer or computer based??

This is on some FAQ shit but I’ll answer it cause you’re so damn complimentary.
I use an ASR 10 and Abelton live. That’s it. So I’m both but my roots are firmly in hardware as the ASR 10 is all I used for the first 10 years of beat making.