What’s popping, Soundcloud?

As a musician on soundcloud, I often forget that it’s actually a source for good new music. Instead of looking at my stream, i just check in on my own comments , like and other pointless bullshit like that. Well, that’s my bad. selfish.
So, today, I wanted to the spotlight on some of the good stuff that’s been bubbling over there lately. You know, let you all hear the stuff that I’ve been listening to.

Gotta start it out with the #1 sports related song. Homeboy Sandman making all New Yorkers proud with this old school Mets Anthem

Then We got a ton of new Shirt joints. In case you don’t know, he’s been doing this thing where he makes songs with ANY producer who gives him $250 bucks. While this may seem like a cheap money scheme with a high probability for sucking it’s actually yielded some good results.

Here’s a now joint with Open Mike Eagle and Serengheti as the group Cavanaugh. Looks like Mike is making beats now too. sounds good, bro!

Your Old droog also stay busy. It feels like this dude drops a new song every week.

Philly rapper Asaad been making music for a while. He dropped a new 10 song album. Kinda mellow trappy stuff. I like some of it. Definitely good for the weed smoking set.

Then we got this new Michael Christmas song, which may be my favorite new thing I’ve heard in a while. The beat is hypnotic on some “93 til infinity” shit. Really excited for his new album.

Next up we got Prof. I’m actually late to the game on him but his shit is pretty awesome. He reminds me of older danny brown in a way. He did a joint with aesop on the beat recently that’s definitely pretty awesome.

And I’ll close this out with houston’s Sauce Walka, who made a fantastic Drake diss song a few weeks ago. Sauce is pretty crazy and , I’m guessing, not up the alley of most of the people who read this blog but I love him. If him and gunplay did an album together my life would be complete…

Song of the day 4/27/11

Look out by Homeboy Sandman
In case you haven’t been paying attention, since I last posted about NY rapper Homeboy Sandman, he’s been pretty busy. He’s signed to Stones throw and has released two very solid ep’s. I’d highly recommend going to Itunes (or wherever you buy shit) and copping them both cause they’re both dope and, honestly, when put together, they make one really good full length album. This song is one of my favorites off the second EP.

Song of the day 4/27/11

Being haved By Homeboy Sandman

Sometimes my epic indifference towards new music comes back to bite me. This is one of those times.
I’ve been hearing about Homeboy Sandman for years but never checked him out till recently. I’m glad I did. His album “The good sun” is fuckin’ awesome and he’s a dude who successfully doing something different. A rare feat in this day and age.