A special gift from aesop rock and I.


Aesop and I thought , as a cool new years gift, we’d dig up an old song from the vaults and let you all have it. we’ve been digging through the crates (IE: old cassettes with a bunch of old lost songs we never used) and figured now is a better time than ever to do leak one. partially cause this song is officially ten years old now and , until this very moment has maybe been heard by about two people (i’m one of them). This song is called “jinx planet” and it was made in between “float” and “labor days”. i don’t exactly recall why it didn’t make the album but , upon re-listening, it kinda makes sense. not that’s it’s bad but i can see how it it may not have fit into what would eventually become “labor days”. you’ll notice the quality isn’t exactly sparkling but that’s cause this was taken off an old ass cassette. the song itself was recorded on a digital 8-track and never properly mixed so keep that in mind.
so, here it is:

in case you’re curious, there are more songs that we’ve recently rediscovered and perhaps they will see the light of day. who knows?
also, aes and I are working on new music together. it will be awesome.

22 thoughts on “A special gift from aesop rock and I.

  1. effin awesome. you and aes have both filled an empty human with inspiration many times over. both of you genius’s are unlocking the magic in my head, thus helping me unlock the magic in the head of others. i know how to listen and detect the beauty in your depictions. my positive intentions to all your creative endeavors…

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  3. wow, haha this is sick ive been waiting to hear this type of shit for a while cause i KNEW there have got to be mad unreleased songs (even ones that didn’t make the unreleased aesop compilation torrents that i found)
    thanks for releasing this, i hope to hear more
    dope as hell

  4. Hell yes! Good shit. Labour Days and Float are two of my all-time favorite albums period. Any genre, any artist, I love them. Aes Rock and Block together is like cherries and pie… or something. It’s awesome, that’s what I do know. I’m fully looking forward to whatever new material you guys are putting together. I also wanted to say Block, that ‘The Music Scene’ has definitely got me down, I don’t want to be a clown, because well that CD is awesome. It’s become my official winter/freezing balls out/snowing album. I’ve been listening to it since you released it, and I have to say it may be my favorite of your albums. I still love ‘Music By Cavelight’.. but yeah, Thanks! Peace!

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  6. Thanks for sharing this. Enjoyed it, been waiting for years for you to share something like this. Please drop some more.

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