Cover songs galore

I’m a huge fan of cover songs. particularly when they cross genres. here’s a mix of cover songs. mostly soul and reggae with one weird one thrown in (the “eleanor rigby” cover is some weird all boy chorus). check’em out…
1)in the summertime: ken boothe
2)fire and rain: the isley brothers
3)home is where the hatred is: esther phillips
4)season of the witch:lou rawls
5)hey joe:lee moses
6)jealous guy: donny hathaway
7)a poor wayfaring stranger:cliff gober
8)california dreaming: bobby womack
9)ain’t no sunshine:lyn collins
10)be thankful for what you got: donovan carless
11)summertime:al green
12)it’s a shame: anton ellis
13)down by the river:buddy miles
14)eleanor rigby: third wave
15)st. james infirmary: bobby “blue” bland

8 thoughts on “Cover songs galore

  1. word, checking now. yo man this new blog better not effect your presence in the Jersey Shore thread. its all about multi-tasking dude.

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