Chase phoenix Demo’s from the mid 90’s


Chase phoenix and I are old buddies. we went to high school together and have been making music together in some way or another since the mid 90’s.
in 2004 he dropped on album called “Cut to the chase” on battle axe records. it was produced by Dub-l, Baby Dayliner and yours truly.
i thought it might be cool to drop some of our super old demo’s on here, cause, well, why the fuck not?
here’s a little five song package of old songs he did from around 94-97.
1)fear the fear (produced by Dub-l)
2)Direct hit (produced by blockhead and kasm)
3)Dutch (produced by Blockhead and featuring a rap by me as well. anyone who’s ever been curious as to why i quit rapping, use this song as your reason)
4)rewind (produced by blockhead)
5)chaos: produced by Dub L

5 thoughts on “Chase phoenix Demo’s from the mid 90’s

  1. Your production is actually on-point on these, of course you’ve gotten a million times better…but it’s still impressive. Your verse though, not that on-point ha.

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