Rapping wrestlers

My homeboy “And friend” is obsessed with crazy wrestlers and i don’t blame him. in particular, he’s been linking me to all sorts of retarded songs made by these wrestlers.
they’re pretty amazing.

as an added bonus, i give you this heart wrenching song by hulk hogan. i dunno if it’s about another wrestler or some fan of his who died but the bottom line is, that dead motherfucker was a hulkamaniac. in the end, that’s all that really matters.

3 thoughts on “Rapping wrestlers

  1. That’s pure white trash gold right there. A while back there was a dispute about John Cena’s entrance theme because it samples a little bit of MOP’s Ante Up. Not sure if it was resolved or not but he still uses the same entrance music. My homie has a wrasslin website with all that inside info if anyone is interested it’s http://www.prowrestling.net/

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