Sir Jarlsberg will change your life


Sir Jarlsburg (pronounced with a strong J) is the brainchild of Jeremy Gibson AKA Jer )of party fun action committee). It’s hard to explain what exactly it is but i’ll give it a shot.
Sir Jarlsburg is a character Jer created a few years ago. basically, he is a man from the medieval times who travels across the land telling stories and describing all that he sees in his travels. he also happens to rap and sing in an olde english unlike anything i’ve ever heard before. does that make sense? probably not. it’s really something you need to hear to understand, and even then, it’s something i suggest you sit with a while to truly absorb what is going on. to put it simply, this shit is completely fucking insane. the kind of thing you could play for children but could also be appreciated by rap nerds alike.
Jer is in the midst of putting a complete album together as this character and thus far the songs have been crazier and crazier as he goes along. here’s a zipfile with what he’s got so far. peep it:

1)a tragic tale
2)the clouds in the valley
3)quite a day at the market
4)a wonderful wonderful river
5)My dartmoor pony
6)the gnome

also, peep his myspace if you wanna test out the songs before you download:

6 thoughts on “Sir Jarlsberg will change your life

  1. yo this shit is illllll. i had to shut off that new Meth vs. Chef 2 to instead blast some Sir Jarlsburg

  2. Hes got the lucidity of an abstract genius. I am in love with the album first round, and would also pay to see him live to determine how good of an artist he really is. Thanks for posting this

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