Willie D appreciation

My favorite rapper of all time is Willie D. while he’s certainly on no ones “greatest mc’s ever” list, but it’s hard to argue against this guys entertainment value. part preacher, part killer and just an overall funny motherfucker, willie is best known for his work with the geto boy on their earlier albums. what he’s less known for are his completely awesome solo albums. well…that’s a stretch…he has two great albums and a bunch of “meh” albums that have a few hidden jewels on them. whatever the case, the guy is fucking great and deserves to be loved by everyone. he’s smart, he dumb, he’s ignorant, he’s deep. he’s all of those things…so, download this mix and join me in my love for this man (PAUSE).


1)play witcha mama
2)what’s my religion?
4)read these nikes
5)i’m not a gentleman
6)trenchcoats-n-ganksta hats
7)bald headed hoes
8)i need some pussy
9)nothing 2 show
10)U still a aggin
11)i wanna fuck your mama
12)little hooker

just a note, most of these are from his solo albums but i threw in a few or his solo joint from his work with the geto boys. whatever, same shit really…

4 thoughts on “Willie D appreciation

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  3. I gotta awesome noise in my Blazer for instance
    Some shit that’ll shake the ground so keep ya distance

    ah, young William Dennis in a blazer, what a concept

    thanks for the choices BH, good work fella – Gotta question for ye as you seem well-versed on Willie [erm, no/ so homo?]

    whaddya know about the Rappers Boxing Championship of 1992, where Willie allegedly
    took the crown…

    any info appreciated

    thanks again, lookin forward to ridin out to this, on the bus with some bald-headed hoes

    All the best


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