Classic old radio freestyles.


Anyone that grew up in the 90’s in NYC who was into hip hop is well aware of the greatness that was “The stretch armstrong and bobbito show”. It was pretty much the best radio show ever. i used to say up til 4 am on school nights recording every second of it and then edit the tapes the next day. One of the highlights of the show would be when they would bring guests up there and have them kick rhymes. here’s a little collection of some of my favorite appearances from those tapes i made.
another show i used to record was the lesser known, but still very dope “underground railroad”. a few of these are from that show as well.

Stretch & Bobbito + Underground Railroad Freestyles

1) smoothe da hustla on stretch and bob
2)l swift on NYU
3)percee p on stretch and bob
4)biz markie and redman live
5)jay-z on stretch and bob
6)artifacts on stretch and bob
7)kool kim on underground railroad
8)mf grimm on stretch and bob
9)omniscence on stretch and bob
10)genesis on stretch and bob
11)tash and mikah 9 on stretch and bob
12)artifacts on underground railroad
13)redman live
14)legion of d.u.m.e. on stretch and bob
15)godfather don and kool keith on stretch and bob
16)az on stretch and bob
17)special ed on stretch and bob
18)tony bones on stretch and bob

(this was originally posted at the TROY blog. peep it on my blogroll)

2 thoughts on “Classic old radio freestyles.

  1. Hey man, thanks for these! I remember one of my friends had a bootleg LP of some freestyles of the Stretch & Bobbito show, I still listen to them..
    Extra P & Mad Skillz, Big l, great stuff.. I’ve also got all the CD’s that came out with wake Up show freestyles, they’re pretty good too…

  2. Growing up in Boston it was the same way with 88.9 at night. A different DJ every night. Back in the day Thursday was the best with Fakts 1.
    Now every time I check it out it sounds like a regular commercial radio station with some old CNN or something thrown in randomly. Damn I miss the old 88.9, it put me on to SO much dope hip hop.

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