Song of the day 1/20/10


I couldn’t C it By Young Bleed
Often overlooked (or just straight up unknown), young bleed had a good little run in the late 90’s. This song is from his 1999 album “My own” and is possibly the most surprisingly good album i’ve ever heard. i had always written him off as a Master P weed carrier but, it turns out, he was dope as fuck. I can’t say he kept it up but at least he gave us two dope albums. that’s more then you can say about most rappers.
as a bonus, i’m throwing in the song that the main sample is from
“blind man” by The new birth

3 thoughts on “Song of the day 1/20/10

  1. Yeah i loved that young bleed album. But young bleed has THREE dope albums. have your heard “one upon a time in amedica”? its also mad good. The highlights are “Bacc road mississippi” “U kno meh” “N Da Street” “Sound of da city” “Arch-Criminal” and “Life ain’t change”. its really uncommon to find an album these days this strong.

  2. Thanks for reminding me of Young Bleed, I have only been a fan of the 1st album. “Poppa Got A Brand New Bag” being my fav. track. I’m gonna have to check out his other album.

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