Fun with old hip hop demo’s!

I gave you some freestyles from some of the old classic NYC underground hip hop radio shows. so, now, I give you demo’s. The majority of these are from Stretch and bobbito with a few random ones from NYU’s radio show and The underground railroad. Most of these acts are pretty much unheard of but a few made waves and even put out albums. forgive the quality on some of these cause all of this was ripped directly off dusty old cassettes.
I got more of these i’m gonna drop on you, so keep an eye open for that.
also, i’m not 100% on all the names of the artists or the songs. some of these were just random demo’s that Bob played once and i kinda guessed on the names. if i’m wrong and you know the right names, lemme know.
1)45 stitches: Eric Green
2)talk about it:Scam
3)Unnamed demo:S.O.S
4)Mysteries of life: Lewis parker (not him solo, but a group he was in prior to his solo work)
5)89.9 Promo: Pumkinhead
6)Bounce to this: Red hot lover tone, Punchline and Wordsworth
7)Maintain: 36 zero and friends
8)Blue: Kurious
9)Triple team: Natural Elements
10)The time is now: Kool Kieth
11)Laughing syndrome: Pumpkinhead
12)come inside: Tony Bones
13)Deep in your bones: Tony bones
14)Unknown demo: Scam
15)I gotcha heart: Natural Elements
16)Better than U: Mad scientist
17)In my own world: Raggedy man

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