Great moments in sexual ignorance

A hot topic for many mc’s over the years has been sex. whether it be their own sexual prowess, their ability to whore women or their utter dislike of women outside of the vagina they provide, pretty much all the bases have been covered.
Here’s a mix of songs dedicated to the topic of sexual ignorance. While most of these are funny , i’d be lying if i said there aren’t a few on here that with offend 95% of the listeners, so proceed with caution. if this isn’t you bag, don’t download these songs. there’s plenty of of other shit on this blog to download that won’t horrify your soul.
1)goosebumps: fesu
2)on the bone again: brooklyn assault team
3)gangsta mak: gangsta nip
4)i luh hur: akinyele
5)maria maria (freestyle): dip set
6)behind closed doors: mc ren
7)da nex niguz: onyx
8)hey mister: kool g rap
9)secret fantasies: tim dog feat. ultramagnetic mc’s
10)break a bitch neck:kool g rag and akinyele
11)your girlfriend is a hoe:kurupt
12)why you bullshittin’?:suge free

(this was originally posted on the TROY blog, peep them on my blogroll)

2 thoughts on “Great moments in sexual ignorance

  1. surprising amount of quality for such a specific (albeit common) theme. do you ever look back at old mixes with utter disdain, like I wouldn’t hang with the asshole responsible for this at a party two years ago?

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