Song of the day 1/26/10


G.W.Y.N By Alix Dobkin

This one is awesome. I was touring and we had a stop in north hampton. I figured i’d kill some time and go look for records (a common touring practice). So, i’m sifting through dollar records and the selection is abysmal. Sometimes, when that happens, i give up on looking for samples ann just try and salvage something that may be funny or have strange vocal samples on it. That is when i came across this glorious record. I wish i could find the actual album cover but google is being no help right now. regardless, when i got home and slapped this on the record player, i hit the fucking jackpot. honestly, the rest of the album was forgettable but this one song was immediately my shit. be clear, it’s a terrible song but in the best way possible. Dobkin seems like she’s almost freestyling at points. she just kinda meanders through verses about how awesome it is to be a lesbian and explaining to us “what is the quirk, that separates us from all of them” with out regard for song structure or really anything musical. including her shitty yet passable voice.
I played this for my mom once when she was driving me somewhere and she laughed so hard she almost drove off the road.
I hope a few of you enjoy this song as much as i do.

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