Throwaway files Vol 1.

I recently found a bunch of old beat tapes (literally cassettes). I hadn’t listened to any of that stuff in over 5/6 years and thought it would be cool to digitalize them. All these beats are either not saved or past the point where i would/could put them out. Included on these cassettes were the first beats I ever made. They date back to around 94/95 before i even had a sampler of my own. My homeboy Kasm (formally of the Atoms family) had just bought a MPC so i would go over there with samples and we’d make beats. this continued till about late 95 when i finally got my own sampler. While it was nice to have my own equipment , the difference in quality between what I was doing and what Kasm and I were doing was noticeable to say the least. in short, my solo beats sucked…for a long time. Not realizing this at the time i recorded everything i made and kept plugging away at it. it’s a good thing i did cause i’d very likely be working some shitty minimum wage job had i not.
so, with that, i give you “throwaway files Vol. 1”. it’s 16 random beats i made between 95-2003 that will never be used or heard in any other way. i chose these 16 randomly from about 175 tracks. the only one i picked specifically was the first beat i ever made (with kasm). it’s pretty bad but still crazy to hear after all these years. if you guys are into this kinda shit, lemme know and i’ll post more as this blog progresses.
I just figured those of you who are into beats and the beat making process (nerds) would be curious of how my beats have progressed over the years.
Download Link:

31 thoughts on “Throwaway files Vol 1.

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  2. when u were repeating the obv idea that these beats are old and not gonna be used I thought “why is he repeating that, they’re not gonna be very good, these are gonna be just sentimental and interesting and dusty” but theyre sick! Thanks block, really killer

  3. hell yes block! SO SICK to see how you’ve progressed. I have always wondered what your steez was like before the illness that is labor days/float/music by cavelight. your first beat ever was pretty sick for sheezy. i can see how it has progressed to now for sure. love the horn sample. that is vintage block for sure. always love all the crazy samples you throw in.

  4. Would love to hear all of the “lost” tracks you’ve got. I see you really liked that snare rim sound back in the day, on that track “dead or alive”, “forest crunk”, and “daylight”…it’s cool to see the progression, I bet you thought you were so damn good when you first started haha.

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  6. thank you for this free mini album. more stuff to file under blockhead which is great. my feedback would be, have you heard when others have used a sample which you have used also. Like the song Rescue Time which the band Glue with Adeem used on the album Seconds Away. Also could u remix El-p’s last album. Imagine some flyentology re-told

  7. thanks for this, you dont think you could rip it in 192 or higher, could you? i wanna put it on a website but rules is no lower than 192

  8. Interesting. A lot of these tracks sound really different from the newer, “real” releases. Would it be ok, if I upload the tune plucker on my youtube-channel(with links to the myspace page, ect.)?

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  10. I really got into these man, thanks. Hope you don’t mind, but after being hung up on “dead or alive” for the past week, I took the liberty of putting some lyrics to it. Enjoy.
    [audio src="" /]

  11. Blockenhiemer its awesome that you released these beats. I’ve been beat smithing for little of a year now and I listen to your music all the time for inspiration and how to drop samples properly. These beats remind me that you where in my shoes at some point. Too many words to describe how awesome and pumped I am to make new jams. You sire are a king among men.

    Off to feed my sample addiction, thank you again for the tunes.

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