Nina Simone files Vol. 1

Who doesn’t like Nina Simone? An asshole, that’s who.
With this in mind, i’ve decided to compile three mixes of some of my favorite music that she has made. I was gonna get all anal and organize the mixes by mood or something but , the truth of the matter is, 80% of these songs fit under “depressing as shit” so it kinda wasn’t worth it.
So, with that said, here’s the first mix of the trio. I’ll put up the others over the next few weeks.
1)Ooh Child
2)See-line woman
3)either way i lose
4)Keeper of the flame
5)Come ye
6)Breakdown and let it all out
7)Work song
8)Wild is the wind
8)Don’t explain
10)Nobodys fault but mine
11)Tell me more, and more and then some
12)Brown baby

5 thoughts on “Nina Simone files Vol. 1

  1. when i tried to extract the files from the RAR it says that all the files are corrupt and cannot be extracted. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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