Songs of Death (rap edition)

It’s sunday…let’s talk about death.
in hip hop, death is usually approached from a “i’m gonna kill you” perspective. however, there are occasions when rappers get a little deeper and look at their own mortality or the passing of a close one. so, here’s a mix of songs where mc’s discuss the many angles of death. i omitted the most famous songs of this genre (“crossroads”. “T.R.O.Y.”, “reminding me (of sef)” and “i’ll be missing you”) cause who really needs to be put on to those songs?
1)I’m dead: scarface
2)the wreckoning: lateef
3)love comes and goes: ed o.g. and da bulldogs
4)for da brothaz: kool g rap
5)good die young: bee why
6)meditations on death: nitebreed
7)bloody love letter: MF grimm
8)this is for the brothers (jazz version): two kings in a cipher
9)1-800-suicide: gravediggaz
10)i didn’t ask to come: the goodie mob
11)3 card molly: c-rayz walz
12)the thief in the night: aceyalone
13)the foundation: MOP
14)death: da omen
15)the funeral: the clipse

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3 thoughts on “Songs of Death (rap edition)

  1. I Seen A Man Die by Scarface… guess maybe you felt like that fell into your “nobody needs to be put on to that song” category…

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