Unreleased Despot Banger


soooo, this song I did with Despot a long ass time ago leaked (neither of us have a clue how) and we both figured “fuck it”. If it’s out there , might as well spread the love.
I hollered at Despot and asked him if he’d be cool with me leaking it here and he was game. He also posted this on the message board where all this was discovered.

Despot Writes:

“my dear old friend tony has alerted me to the fact that “king me” has leaked to the information superhighway. not quite sure how that happened, but I suppose it’s a somewhat appropriate fate for a song of it’s vintage. King Me was recorded in the same session as “Crap Artists” if I recall correctly, which makes it something like 8 years old? For that reason, I thought I’d probably end up leaving it off the album and maybe including it in some kinda “lost tracks” type bonus download thing. which is a bit sad for me, as I like the beat a lot too and I know tony did/does. Maybe I’ll redo the whole song? probably not though. Glad some people might get some enjoyment out of it either way.

as for the album, as hard as it may be to believe, I have no given up on delivering one to you all. a bunch of things have happened in my non rap life over the past few years that have made it slightly more difficult to buckle down and REALLY work on an album. I think most of those things have sort of subsided by now and I plan to get back into the aforementioned buckling down. I won’t deny that general laziness has been a huge factor as well. for those who didn’t catch “look alive” on def jux presents 4, I suppose that is my most recent public output. once I get a good deal of these new things done I’ll be out doing shows again and all that.

for those who still wait with baited breath, I apologize and I thank you. I WILL make a rap album. so who the fuck put that song on last.fm? jerks.”

For the record, I fucking love this song and this beat. At this point, it’s so old i can’t see it being on any album. so, here you go:


Enjoy and support Despots music when he finally does drop an album in 2027. (just kidding, bro)

13 thoughts on “Unreleased Despot Banger

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  2. Blockhead haces musica a otro nivel.. Keep that good job man, i just listen your music and takes me out of this hole. Words of and anon fan

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