Francis and the lights

I first met this guy named Francis playing basketball many years ago. He was a really quiet guy who would occasionally come play ball at the same park i play at during the summer. In fact, he was so quiet i kinda thought he was foreign.
Flash forward to a few years ago and i’m attending a new years eve party at some big ass loft. A band is playing and , to my surprise, the lead singer is the shy guy from the basketball courts…and he’s whyling. Turns out he’s the leader of an awesome band that a bunch of friends of mine were big fans of. who knew?
Anyway, a friend recently posted a new video of theirs on facebook and it reminded me how dope they are.
check it out:

and here’s an older one that Francis is actually in:

(I can’t stress how bugged out it is to see this super quiet , shy guy getting buckwild in this video. It’s seriously a mindfuck.)

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