Nina simone mix #2

Here’s the second of three Nina Simone mixes I made. If you haven’t snatched up the first one, DO IT!
This one has a lot of her more popular songs as well as some lesser known jewels. enjoy.

1)The assignment song
2)don’t let me be misunderstood
3)I put a spell on you
4)Feeling good
5)Peace of mind
6)Where can i go without you
7)Be my husband
8)I hold no grudge
9)hey, Berry Bolden
10)House of the rising sun
11)I shall be released
12)Lilac wine

5 thoughts on “Nina simone mix #2

      • It is working so slow for me. On soundcloud we can start listening right in the browser with the option to fast DL.
        Anyway I just thought that it will take much more clicking work from you – either paste the tracks or upload them one by one..
        Still soundcloud is winner on single tracks.
        And thanks for Nina Simone šŸ™‚

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