My new banner

If you look up, you will notice my new Banner. formally, it was the awesome “regal beagle in front of a fan” but once I saw this pic, I had to snatch it up. I mean, shit, this blog is called “Phat Friend”. If there was ever a better pic to represent those words, i’m not aware of it’s existence.
So, my question to you is “yay or nay?”
I ask cause i’ve already got both complaints (from girls) and high fives (from guys) about it and I’m trying to get a consensus. Let me know…should it stay, or should it go?

Well, the public has spoken. and , by a huge landslide, the “Yay’s” have it.
sorry to all three people who don’t like it! This is america and we vote for what we want. Non-jumping fat friend stays.

38 thoughts on “My new banner

  1. I don’t know how much technology this blog has, but if you had some banner generating thing with a handful of rotating pictures, that be cool.

  2. You are so cute that you asked what people think after some girls gave you shit for it.

    You should keep it since you think it’s great, it’s your blog.

    • I complained the other day but like I posted up there it’s your blog, you should do what you want. I still think the picture is mean and I hate reading the horrible things guys say about her on here. It’s all part of the beautiful cycle of mysogny. Maybe you don’t hate women Blockhead but you aid in the hate.

      This isn’t really the place for the debate that picture spurs. Believe me I’d love to try and get you to see it from my point of view, but I’ll settle for the sweetness in you that has you asking yay or nay.

      • fair enough. it’s pretty obvious, that i’ll be keeping this one.
        Here’s the thing though, i’d say the pic is meaner towards fat people than women. it could easily be a bunch of guys in the pic and the point would be the same. so, if you’re gonna feel bad for anyone, feel bad for morbidly obese people.

  3. “if they bumpin, we gotta keep ’em jumpin” – Master P

    major votes on this side fella, keep the tubby one up !!

    yeh, the wordpress theme you use allows you to change the pic as often as ye want

    I say a selection of doozys could work periodically, you thankfully, have varied themes to the blog so flip it as and when ye get bored, et cetera, top amusement indeed

    [loved the basset hound reply btw, classic material]

  4. Would you really have taken it down if the majority didn’t like it? I think the women who have problems with it still think it’s funny.

  5. All the females who hate on this pic are lying to themselves. Women all like to act like they so cutie pie and sensitive to their friends fat “condition”. The only condition she has is a bad case of “Bitch you need to put the cheetos down.. good now step away from the bag.”. It’s real man. I have friends that are fat. Men and women. Let’s be real, if you like eating you’re probably fat. I like drinking. I’m a lush. Accepting who you are is the best thing you can do.
    You wanna start campaigning for don’t be mean to my fat girlfriend, snatch the burrito out of her hand the next time you make a run for the border.

  6. i say yay….and just an fyi there’s always this

    i’m a girl and i think the pic is hilarious and i like this whole new site you’ve got going on, kudos to whomever set it up for you!

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