Best remix ever?


Thanks to the wonderful people at’s message board (particularly catfish hunter) , I was exposed the glorious sounds of undiscovered goth phenomenon “Sin sorrow”.
Easily , the most promising voice of the future of music as we know it.
Lucky for me, she chooses to make music in acappella form. leaving her wide open for remixing.
here’s an original tune she made:
I’d tell you to go to her myspace but there has been some songs planted in her comments that won’t turn off, so, to truly enjoy her art, just listen to the link i gave above. I can’t stress enough, that’s it’s very important you listen to the original first. This is a process.
Did you peep it? good.
here’s my remix:

and, as a bonus, here’s another “Remix” some of you may recognize…
(in all seriousness, i slapped this shit together very quickly and she’s all over the place so excuse the shitty quality as well as the over all shittiness in general.)

11 thoughts on “Best remix ever?

  1. Thanks for scaring the shit out of me at 9:45 in the morning. Assface. Props on finding out the bpm on such a dope a capella though. Drums were dope. I would have ar least added a shit load of reverb and even autotune on those vox! Haha! Oh yeah, the layering at the end was dope too.

    • the best part of this (thank you so much) has been the joy i feel scaring the passengers in my car to death when she screams “TRASH!!”. its the equivolent of someone grabbing them from the back seat (i accidently tested it on myself first). again, thank you for sharing!

  2. damn man, i was at work when i peeped this and that acapella had me crying with laughter. customers came in and i had to leave i was laughing so hard.

  3. Only that terrible picture could have prepared me for such a terrible song.

    Please tell me you sent that remix to her, so she could pimp her myspace.

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