Things that are wrong in the world PT. 3

Do record label A&R’s exists anymore? If so, do they sit in boardrooms , brainstorming how they can make the worst possible music ever? Or perhaps focus groups do that? Maybe there’s even like a like mathematical formula they feed into some sort of data base that shits out this kind of thing and all they do is add water? who knows…All i know is this shit makes me wanna jump off a cliff while stabbing my dickhole with a dull screwdriver.
Skip ahead to 2:12 to witness the realness

17 thoughts on “Things that are wrong in the world PT. 3

  1. I’m very glad I was sipping whiskey while being acoustically raped by that robot pretending to be Luda in this little girl’s music video. Fuck, I’m glad I haven’t seen the Geto Boys in a fucking kids film yet; that would be the end of days. Breath…1…2…3…

  2. I’ll give you that this is shitty, but I think you need to feature Brokencyde (bonus points for the song that they got E-40 on, even though that one is less terrible than “Freaxxx”) and Teen Hearts…because those are just plain horrific as opposed to annoying like this song.

  3. A&R was always my dream job. Holy shit the music is real depressing these days. Mils from SA posted something similar about Nicky Minaj on the cover of Fader…for doing what? Christ…shit makes me want to eat a gun. They pretty much phased out A&Rs didn’t they? The blog had me busting up a couple of times today. Good job Block.

  4. lololol! @blah! i can already hear aes rock rapping some crazy shit, with block in the back singing about some fat greek cat getting his A licked out..

  5. Thanks, i thought i was doing pretty well ignoring Justin Bieber but now, because of you, i suddenly have a deep hatred for humanity and feel like killing kittens while raping innocent teenagers. Which kind of defines this video pretty wells.

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