Throwaway files Part 3


Here is part three of the never ending series. Just to refresh your memory, these are a collection of beats i made between 94-2002ish. Most of them are either not saved , too old to use or simply not that good. But , they are an interesting look into the past that I figure a few of you msuic nerds will appreciate. I do it for you!!!!!

Here goes:
Throwaway files part 3

EDIT: So mediafire seems to be shut down right now. this sucks cause pretty much all the links i have of mixes on this whole blog are on mediafire. hopefully, this will be resolved so i don’t have to re-up every link i’ve ever done.
anyway, here’s a new link for this particular file:

6 thoughts on “Throwaway files Part 3

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  2. not sure what’s “throwaway” about most of these, you should be selling them to myspace rappers if no one else wants them

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