Demo’s and rarities. The final chapter.

Ok, so, thus far, I’ve uploaded two of these compilations of demo’s a rarities from the early/mid 90’s that i’ve collected over the years. I’m not gonna lie, judging from the wordpress stats, this hasn’t been a very popular kinda post. But fuck it…this is the last comp I got anyway so i might as well throw it up.
If you like rare 90’s underground hop hop , you should love all these comps. These are a collection of demo’s, original versions and just all around unknown shit. the majority of these were recorded off the radio (stretch and bob the underground railroad). Because these were taken off the radio, some of the names are just guesses as well as the recording quality isn’t exactly high.
If you like these, peep the others i’ve posted
Here’s the final installment:
1)Hold me back: Tony bones & Mr Live*
2)East/west: The colony*
3) Ohhs and ahhs: First born**
4)Recognize: J-treadz
5)What time it is: Steady serve*
6)Both sides: surge
7)Animailistics: Last emperor
8)Follow for now: G-rock
9)Two flew over the cuckoo’s nest: Genesis*
10)Battle hymn: total pack

* denotes the song title was a guess
** denotes both the artist and the song title are guessed.

6 thoughts on “Demo’s and rarities. The final chapter.

  1. Once again, thanks for the “oohs and ahhs”(nh), J Treds, and G-Rock tracks especially.

    I wonder where you got the G Rock, cause only place I had ever heard was on one of those 105.9 shows. Either Dirty Dozen, Hank Love n Half Pint, or Awesome Two.

    There was also a remix to the G-Rock that sampled the intro of a Lonnie Liston Smith track.
    Can’t find any records anywhere by this guy.
    I know for a fact that he’s a Jersey head, so that pisses me off even more that I can’t find shit from him. Probably lives down the friggin street from me. Lol

  2. this shit takes me back…trying to stay up tuesday nights at 1am to peep night train on 89.9. man i used to only check it just to hear those tony bones demos and freestyles. he was nice. i sweated last emperor hard when he dropped “animalistics” and “secret wars pt. 1”. he fell off after that but i still remember his underground glory days.

  3. @jam- I agree about Last Emp. It was looking like he was set to be the illest mothafucker around. All those demos that get labeled as the ‘Legend Of Big Foot’ album were dope as hell. By 2000 and whatever when he finally dropped his signed official album, I thought that shit was trash.

  4. Thanks for posting this stuff contrary to popular opinion. A lot of the Stretch & Bob stuff has been posted on other blogs including rips of entire shows. Maybe why people aren’t checking it out, or they’re just dumb.

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