Kool Keith Is awesome/crazy

People often ask me about a curious sample I use at the end of the song “carnivores unite”. well, allow me to let you all in on the secret (that no one really cares about). It’s Kool Keith , on the Stretch and Bobbito radio show, blabbering about his many ideas for comic book characters he wants to work on. The excerpt I used on the song comes from a whole interview which is all pretty amazing. I figured I upload it here and let you all enjoy the wonders of Keith and his crazy mind at work.
here ya go:

ALternate link:

As a bonus, here’s Keith Musing about his favorite drink:

(thanks to verge from the TROY blog for Re-upping this for me after i had initially lost it)

15 thoughts on “Kool Keith Is awesome/crazy

  1. word, wondered about that one…. what about the “if it’s getting harder to face every day… don’t let it show” sample at the end of Triptych Part 2 if I may ask?

  2. kool keith is bugged out, he makes me feel too normal and want to be more bugged out when he says anything.
    pumpernickle bread

  3. As we’re speaking samples, what’s the one at the beginning of “You’ve got Maelstorm”, the “Some nights just seem to get worse than others that’s all”, is it William Shatner?

  4. when he was talking about the cookies and he said “you can’t even go choclate chip” i began laughing uncontrollably!

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