Throwaway files part 4

Here is #4 of my “throwaway files” series. Again, these are all beats I made between 94-2002. These are all “throwaway’s” cause they’re either Too old, I lost the disks they were saved on, The samples i used are too famous or i simply don’t think they’re that good.
Whatever the case, enjoy.

also, if you missed any of the others:

5 thoughts on “Throwaway files part 4

  1. BLOCK! YES! oh my goodness. The first two have been on constant rotation, I guess I missed the #3 post, but I am definitely loving this shit. I was actually playing a mix of 1 and 2 on my iphone over some speakers at work, I had so many people loving it. This chic from Indonesia, this cat from Montana (I’m in Colorado), and also a guy from Nicaragua, all of them said they liked it and asked about it, pretty crazy, oh.. yeah I work at Whole Foods, I’m sure this may begin a blog about how expensive Whole Foods is… yes I know, but yeah man! Shit is awesome. I still think that Music by Cavelight is my favorite, that.. Float, and Labor Days. Definitely. Thanks Charlie Brown.. err I mean… HEY! YA BLOCKHEAD!

  2. Thanks for posting these, I’m a big fan of the throwaway files. What are the chances of you posting any tracks that feature Blockhead the ‘lyricist’?

    Or are those the REAL throwaway files?

    • in your dreams!
      however, a while back i posted a bunch of chase phoenix demo’s and one of them featured me rapping on it. that’s about all you’ll ever be getting!

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