Song of the day 3/11/10

Who’ll pay reparations on my soul By Gil Scott Heron

This is off his album “Small talk on 125th and Lenox”. It’s mostly spoken word but he snuck a few songs on towards the end.
Times have been tough on Heron but i hear he released an album recently. I’m kinda nervous to listen to any new music made by people from this era but i applaud the dude for still putting shit out.

3 thoughts on “Song of the day 3/11/10

  1. Hey Block, you should hear the new album, it’s pretty good. Still a lot of spoken word with a couple amazing songs mixed in. He sounds like a broken down old man, deep baritone voice. Definitely worth checking out.

    • I heard a few clips. it sounded a tad too electronic for my taste. I like my soulful singers to be singing over instruments…recorded pre-1980. everything else just sounds wrong to me. Not to mention GSH sounds fuuuuuucked up. I suppose 30 years of heroin and crack will do that too you though.

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