Scared straight ’99

One of my all time favorite things on TV was when MTV did Scared Straight. Not to be confused with the original 1978 documentary , but it’s pretty much the exact same thing just 20 years later. Frightening Convicts yelling and getting in the faces of under aged street punks. It’s pretty much the perfect TV show.
I had the special recorded on VHS back in the day and my friends and I would watch this shit over and over again (we smoked weed).
Well, for a long time now I’ve been trying to track down clips online and to my dismay they’ve been hard to come by. UNTIL NOW! Some truly great person uploaded a bunch of the clips to youtube and , by doing this , has improved my life immensely.
And hereeeeee we go….

First up, We have crazy eyed bum mouth. mostly known for his ability to say “motherfucker” more than any other human on the planet.

Second up, we have “Crazy” chris “the nightmare man”. He’s the first guy that alludes to straight up jail rape. whether he’s “Squattin’ on ya” or “pushing up on you” , rest assured, he will very likely buttfuck you in the least gay way possible.
a little later in the clip, thugged out Steve Harvey get’s semi romantic with some suburban whig. it’s magical.

In this clip, suburban Whig gets a few more rounds of screaming and humiliation. Then it takes a turn for the strange when the convict speaker gets on some EMO shit about the importance of fatherhood. which then takes a turn again when he tells him he’d stomp his dad to death and make him his bitch. it’s just a whirlwind of emotions.It also contains my all time favorite quote “I like his hairstyle” (around 5:11)

There are a few other clips but these three are the true winners to me.
Why this isn’t a weekly show, i’ll never under stand.

12 thoughts on “Scared straight ’99

  1. Wow, thanks for this post. You definitely have the best blog. Making that kid with the bowl cut hold the dude’s pocket was brilliant. My favorite line is “whether you black, white, chinese or candy stripe mothafucka”. My man looks like a cross between David Alan Grier and the alien from Star Trek with the huge forehead. Damn I miss the 90’s. I don’t think those kids were scared straight though. I think they went home and got punked by everybody they knew and it just ruined any kind of ego they once had. I’d like to see a follow up reunion show to see what these kids and the inmates are up to now.

  2. Oh damn my “young, tender” cousin is getting majorly violated in prison isn’t he? Poor baby. It’s all his mom’s fault he’s sucking murderer dick.

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