Live in NYC 2004

Here is a recording of a show i did in NYC in 2004. It’s been floating around the net for a while now but I figured I’d throw it up here cause people frequently ask me for links to it.
It’s one long 50 plus minute track of me on abelton. It includes a few songs off of “Downtown Science”, but for the most part, it’s all wacky mass ups using my own music and random stuff from all over.
so, here it is:


21 thoughts on “Live in NYC 2004

  1. had this shit since 2006, straight fire…. I always wondered why the segment with that ridiculous bassline and some female vocalist saying “and this water gives back no image, there are no palm trees etc” wasn’t on any album…. that part is so fire

  2. I’ve rocked this for awhile, it’s pretty much my go to track whenever I need to zone and do some studio work. Definitely my favorite mash-up, thanks for spreading the love on here

  3. Awesome to see you’re putting this up, I lucked out and managed to get a copy of the disc from HHS years back. Any chance you could throw some more of these mixes up!?!

  4. hey that was really dope. thanks. i was wondering did you use a midi controller or something? i’ve been trying to figure out how to use ableton to do a live set like this and i can’t figure it out. any gems you drop would be greatly appreciated.

    • honestly, I try and keep it as simple as possible for myself. I pretty much make an outline (a skeleton of the whole set) and bring things in and out while i mess with effects. I do it all by hand with the mouse. It’s probably the dumbest way to do it but it’s worked well enough for me. it just takes a lot of preplanning.

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      • sorry, i was half tanked when i wrote that. Black books is an english comedy tv show which aired in the early 2000’s, I was talking about the theme song, which i think is tom waits, jockey full of bourbon.

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