Song of the day 3/16/10


BFFAE By Team Facelift

Team Facelift are a rap/electro-ish group from NYC. I say “rap/electro-ish” cause they have older music and newer music. The old stuff is most straight up hip hop (but on the funnier side than the “keep it real” side) while the newer stuff is more geared towards dancing and getting girls naked. While i can’t fault them for that, I’m gonna go ahead and push the older stuff cause, well, I’m a rap guy and I don’t dance unless I’m extremely drunk.
Anyway, The group consists of 4 members. Fat Jew (who you may recognize from his spots on E! as the “The king of brunch”) , Karim fonda AKA Alden Pact , Tommy mas (the DJ/producer) and Machine. I’d say they’re comedy rap more than anything. At least this song is. This song is fucking funny. So, take this with a grain of salt. Don’t expect some lyrical miracles here. Just Fat jew and Machine rapping about how much they love each other. Friendship yo.

(If heads are interested in this kind of shit, lemme know. I’ll throw together a little mix of my favorite songs by them.)

6 thoughts on “Song of the day 3/16/10

  1. Are you into other shits like this, like dirt nasty? or just into this group. I remember seeing this cats on mtv at the end of the show spots where they put music. Checked it out then.

  2. hey blockhead!! just wanted to say that the “lily tomlin/prince naseem” line in gertrude is probably the best one i’ve heard in a super long time. keep on keepin on.

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