Stevie wonder album tracks

I kinda burnt myself out on Stevie Wonder a while back. I bumped his shit so much from the mid 90’s till the early 2000’s that I reached a point that whenever i heard one of his songs I would switch the song off immediately. Well, thankfully, I feel I might be coming out of that. It’s been a while but I think I’m ready to reacquaint myself with Mr. Wonder. The thing is, there are large parts of his catalogue that i still am so sick of, it’s not even worth revisiting. So, to those songs, I say “thanks for the good times, but you’re dead to me.”
Luckily for me (and you), He’s made so much great music, I can ignore all those “superstition” , “sir duke” and “livin’ for the city” type songs and just focus on all his awesome album tracks that may have slid under the radar.
So, here’s a mix of my favorite Stevie Wonder album tracks.
It’s a win/win cause you either know these songs, love them but very likely haven’t listened to them in a long time cause you’re burnt out like i was.
You only know his popular songs and are about to get you wig pushed back by his awesome non-hits.
You hate Stevie Wonder and you’re a fucking idiot. Stop reading this blog and go fuck yourself.

Stevie Wonder Album tracks:
1)Look around
2)Too high
3)Have a talk with god
4)Do yourself a favor
5)Maybe your baby
6)Happier than the morning sun
7)You can’t judge a book by it’s over
8)Jesus children of America
9)Big brother
10)They won’t go when I go
11)Bird of beauty
12)All I do
13)Loves life in flight

6 thoughts on “Stevie wonder album tracks

  1. Block I’m sure you’ve heard it, but he has a song called ‘MasterBlaster (Jammin’), it’s prolly one of the best Stevie songs or reggae songs I can think of, pure heart melting goodness….when he’s harmonizing as the song fades out, I don’t think there’s any better Stevie sound….anyway I didn’t see it on the list and I felt it was one of his best.

  2. ooohh I see what you’re doin…..keepin it murky, I like it šŸ™‚ I should have realized you would pull out some excellent Stevie tracks, your mix is absolutely brilliant… goddamn Stevie’s good!
    I never realized Hotter than July had 4 singles off it….and this is definitely an interesting tidbit of info I wasn’t aware of;

    “Despite the wide critical acclaim for Wonder’s previous works such as Songs in the Key of Life and Innervisions, Hotter than July was his first album eligible for platinum status, as Motown sales records before 1977 were not audited by the Recording Industry Association of America. This was his most successful album in the UK, peaking at #2 and producing four top ten singles.”

    I assume it’s true (wikipedia), but I’m sure that would’ve changed things back then. anyway….thanks for the mix!!

    oh! Music Scene is great man, as always your ability to bring the soul is second to none.

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