Posse cut extravaganza vol. 2

Here’s the second installment of mixes (not blended or anything) consisting of nothing but posse cuts. Bear in mind, These are in no order and , pretty much, they’re all over the place. But, That kinda the fun part, right?
1)Go Crazy: young Jeezy feat. Jay-Z and Fat Joe
2)You can’t front: Diamond D , Sadat X and Lord FInesse
3)3 Men at Chung King: Chubb Rock Featuring Red Hot Lover Tone and Grand Puba
4)Who’s It On: Casual , Pep Love and Del
5)Small Violins: Alaska, Kasm , Wind-n-Breeze, and Cryptic One
6)Danger Zone(original): Mase, Big L, and Herb Mcgruff
7)A Chorus Line:Ultramagnetic Mc’s feat. Tim Dog
8)Back From Hell (Remix): Run DMC feat. Ice Cube and Chuck D
9)Big Girls: Bizarre Feat. Redman and Young Zee
10)The last song: Above The Law and NWA

9 thoughts on “Posse cut extravaganza vol. 2

  1. I hate to nit pick but in your last posse cut blog you said that a posse cut cant be a bunch of cats from the same group. Who’s it on is all Hiero members and Small Violins is all Atoms Fam. Is there a reason they qualify but an all Wu-Tang song wouldn’t? I could really care less one way or another but I had to point that out because I have nothing better to do with my time. Thanks for the dope mix.

    • I took a few liberties with hiero posse cuts as well as shit like atoms fam. in my mind, they’re all solo artists (or smaller groups). The way i see it, while both hiero and atom’s have released albums together, they’ve always been more of a crew than a group of people that record together. Wu-tang, while similar, has made like albums as a group. To me, they’re solidified as a group. I imagine I could take songs off their solo albums as posse cuts, but that would just be too much music for me to tackle. BAsically, I’m lazy and didn’t feel like making a bunch of posse cut mixes that were half wu-tang songs.

  2. Ultra featuring Tim Dog isn’t really a posse cut according to your standards…A Day In The Life by Diamond featuring Sadat & lord Jamar would qualify too then, but I think these are more “featuring” joints. I know it’s mainly pointless, but pointless can be fun. Are you going to put Weight in next time? What the fuck happened to J-Treds?

    • Yeah, the ultra one doesn’t fit but it’s been considered a posse cut for so long i threw it on. and part 2 is one as well.
      My standards for what is and is not a posse cut are loose. they’re open to interpretation.

    • oh, 100%. that’ll be on a later edition for sure. I think it has to do with presentation. both “grand finale” and “a chorus line” are treated like posse cuts within the songs , even though, they really are just a one guest song.

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