Song of the day 3/30/10

My flows is tight By Lord Digga

I’m a sucker for campy shit. This song may be one of the campiest songs to ever come out of the late 90’s indie rap scene. Lord Digga has always been a favorite of mine from that era since his earlier work with Masta Ace. I’m still looking for any decent recordings of his demo’s that stretch and bob used to play (as well as NYU radio and The Underground Railroad). Feel free to upload them shits, if you got’em!

4 thoughts on “Song of the day 3/30/10

  1. Word. I’m still looking, too. That one night in late 97/early 98 when he was up at the Bobbito show was great. He did this “My FLows Is Tight” live off the beat off of a DAT he brought. He also played a demo that was kind of a take on “Land Down Under”. And
    spit some writtens that I never heard on anything, over some other beats he brought up there. Hopefully someone ups this night eventually.

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