Gonjasufi and The Gaslamp Killer Again.

I big upped a song of theirs earlier when I had first heard of him/them. I pre-ordered the album and finally got around to listening to it recently. Well, it’s fucking dope.
Because it’s so rare I hear new music I like, I have no shame in blatantly promoting this music on my blog.
Go buy that shit, it’s great.
Here’s one of my favorite songs on the album:

Song of the day 3/26/10

Pins and Needles By Mellow-E
This is off one of the old “Underground Airplay” mixtapes the lyricist lounge used to put out. This is before Rawkus existed when the Lyricist Lounge was a weekly event that was trying to make a name for itself. Looking back on those mixtapes (i think there were 5 or 6 original tapes) , a lot of the stuff doesn’t hold up particularly well but some of the songs were seriously dope. This joint was always one of my favorites from those tapes.

Google will lead you to me , you fucking losers.

Wordpress blogs keep awesome stats. This is especially nice for me cause i’m a stat nerd and that shit fascinates me. They let you know how many people are reading the blog daily, as well as what they’re reading. even more in depth , they show you how people arrived at the blog. Many get linked from other sources (my myspace, twitter, ect…) but a lot of the traffic here comes from google searches. Many are simple like “blockhead” or “phat friend” of “nina simone mix”.The most common of all these searches, however, is “MILF”.
One of my earlier entries in this blog was about MILF’s. It got a pretty typical response when I posted it and I paid it no mind after that. However, unlike most blog posts before and after it , I noticed it was getting a steady readership every day , a month after it had already been posted. This is obviously due to people’s google searches. I find it kinda funny that there is very likely some guy , cracking his knuckles in preparation for the nut he will soon be busting, as he peruses google in search of the hottest MILF porn available, only to happen upon my picture-less and wordy diatribe about how I kinda get the “MILF” craze that’s so popular nowadays. That visual reminds me of the time about ten years ago when this friend of mine strategically hid a porno in my apartment and didn’t tell me. He placed it under one of my chairs and i stumbled across it one day when i had dropped my remote for the TV. It was a VHS cassette tape of some seemingly dope old vintage porn, still in the box. Being the adventurer that I am, I figured
“hey, it’s 2 pm on a wednesday…perhaps a brief masturbation break is in order.”
So, I pop the tape into my VCR and plop down on my couch. I gather my necessities (lotion, tissues, self worth) and press play. The first scene starts and it’s two dudes talking. My member is still in my pants and I’m pretty much just waiting for some slut to walk in the room so shit can get it poppin’. These vintage porno’s actually had story lines so the fact that there was not immediate fucking wasn’t that unusual. A minute passes and no girls in sight (to clarify, I lost the VCR remote so i couldn’t just fast forward like a normal masturbator might). I start to get a weird feeling that something is awry. Right then, the two dudes start making out. I jumped up , turned the tape off and pop it out the VCR , only to notice the title on the actual VHS tape is not the same as the cardboard cover had advertised. No, the title was actually “Little Boy Blew: Army Recruits”. Served. On the bright side, I’m glad I hadn’t started jerking off in anticipation of a girl walking it, so that’s good.
It turns out , my friend who planted the VHS tape there had done so over a month prior. He found a bag of porno’s of the street and did a little mix and matching with the covers. I couldn’t even be mad. It was a pretty awesome prank and his patience he showed to not blow it by asking me if i had found anything is like that of a Buddhist monk.
Props to you, asshole.
so, yeah, if you’re some dude that just found this post by googling any of the various tags I put on it , i’d like to say “hello” and also “What the fuck is wrong with you? you know they have free porn websites right? they’re everywhere. let me help you:

seriously. Who needs to google “milf” to jerk off? Even a caveman could figure that shit out. Herb.

Throwaway files Vol. 5

Yet again, another volume. Collect them all. I got about 7 or so more of these volumes so, you know, this train don’t stop any time soon.
Upon re-listening to some of these old tracks, one thing stands out: I was a HUGE fan of all things flutey.
but, as my man Aesop once described it “Elf-life has shelf-life”. You can’t really argue with that.
What What , in the butt: