Extremely Rare unreleased Eminem song

This is pretty huge.
About 12 years ago, I was at a show at the famous “wetlands” in NYC. that night, a young unknown MC named Eminem was performing. He actually killed it and won over the skeptical crowd. After the show, I went over to him and gave him some props. He was selling homemade Cassette, so i bought one. A few years later , His “Slim Shady EP” dropped. To my surprise, all the songs featured on the cassette i bought were also on this EP EXCEPT one. For a long time , I thought i had lost this tape but i was going through old tapes and this holy grail of a find popped up. As far as I know, no one has ever released this song anywhere. I’ve googled it many times cause i’ve been looking for it for so long. Did i mention it’s also insanely dope? yeah..that too.
Also, I know we all are waaaaay over Eminem as an MC but this early stuff was seriously ill. This is after his shitty full length “infinite”. By this time, he had discovered his “slim Shady” Style that would eventually make him rich and famous (and respected).
so, without further ado, I give you the never before heard unreleased Eminem song. Enjoy!

(just a heads up to all you johnny come lately’s, this was originally posted on april 1st. Keep that in mind when reading it)

30 thoughts on “Extremely Rare unreleased Eminem song

  1. is something wrong with me for actually liking this song???

    and is mr. mathers wearing dress shoes with white tube socks to go with his “outfit”??? hahahahah NICE!!!!!!

  2. Am i the first to figure out the April fool’s joke?
    not bad.

    i called my wife at work this morning to tell her the state tax dept. called us and we owe $7000 in back taxes. The trick is letting that sink in JUST long enough for it to be funny, but not so long that she’s meeting you at the front door with a meat cleaver when you get home. it’s a fine balancing act.

  3. Damn. Em must have been huffing helium when he recorded this. Ha ha. Had a feeling this was a hoax.

    Who’s his homey with the homemade ghat in that picture? Is that a paintball gun? That guy looks like Wally from Leave it to Beaver.

  4. lol. too good to be true I suppose. so did you actually give em props and get a tape or was that as phony as this 7 year old kid rapping about jungle animals.. it definitely sounds like em on the backup vocal on the chorus.. maybe its his daughter rapping? or maybe completely random. lol. you there mr bangle tiger keep on hidin cuz they’re gonna try and take your clothes ha ha ha.. wow.

    • nah, i never met him. I made it all up. I did choose this particular song though cause, for one, the beat sounds like a ghetto version of “lose yourself” and her flow, at times, is VERY Eminemish. Whoever wrote it for her definitely took their cues from Em.

  5. I’ve downloaded this yesterday, so i had no idea this was posted on Aprils fools. At the start i was “Well, this is going to be dope when some beat comes in”, then the vocals and i’m like “Okay weird sample but i guess the flow is gonna come in soon”. Only 2 minutes into the song, i finally figure out “Oh, right, aprils fools”.

  6. you fucking idiot…… i had to stay infront of comp wasting my time, 4 downloading your shit!!! Well good job mr fuck…. i got it…. so anyway fuck you!!

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