Song of the day 4/6/10

Lotion By The Greenskeepers
I don’t know much about these guys. I’ve heard they’re some sort of Techno group and this song is just a one off. Honestly, I’m too lazy to really investigate. All i know is that they made this awesome song based on everyone’s favorite scene in “Silence of the lambs” and it is not at all Techno-like in any way. I think that’s alI I need to know.

6 thoughts on “Song of the day 4/6/10

      • Thanks.

        Just would like to point out your songs of the day have been the only latest editions to my music collection as of late. Plus… i’ve been listeing to that necro mix like crazy.

  1. I just realized this today, but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for not tainting your beats with random female vocalists like some other producers I could name.

    • you’re gonna be bummed to find out i’m working on an album with a female vocalist at this very moment. sorry! She’s good though. joanna erdos of The midnight show. look her up.

  2. i’m actually friends with a dude in this group… they have another good song called “vagabond” that was used in some video game commercial or something

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