LoDeck has a go at my Throwaway files.

I’m on Volume 5 on my “Throwaway Files” series (Vol. 6 coming next week) and my old friend and great rapper LoDeck has taken it upon himself to record on some of those tracks. In fact, he recorded a whole short little album with them and named it “Fresh Boris of Bensonhurst 2: The mini-bar, mini concoctions for maximum impact”. It was all recorded at his crib and isn’t super great quality but that’s kinda the point for things like this.
I don’t wanna give it all away cause it’s gonna be for sale at some point. so, instead. here’s a brief sampler
1)Fresh boris of Bensonhurst
2)i-T!! (Movin’ in the chorus)
3)Inferno is 2 rooms
4)Nunchucks (bad man)

For more info on LoDeck, peep his website:

3 thoughts on “LoDeck has a go at my Throwaway files.

  1. block and lodeck, this shit is amazing. inferno is 2 rooms has been on repeat all day. lodeck is hands down my favorite writer. fool is beyond just rhyming words.

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