Things that are wrong with the world pt. 6

This one time when i was about 15 or 16 years old, my mom had a guest over. I don’t clearly remember how she knew this guest but she were from some bumblefuck type area and she had a son about my age. As is the case in situations like that, I was forced to entertain this kid for the afternoon while his mom and my mom most likely got drunk together. We basically just hung out in my room and kissed all day. Just kidding. No, in reality, we did hang out in my room playing video games and trying to find a commonality between the two of us , who were so obviously different. At that age, shit like that is a hard hump to get over. Especially when you’re a snarky and condescending prick like i was back then. Well, turned out he was a hip hop fan. This was pretty much the best connection i could have asked for at the time so we started going through all my cassettes and talking about different groups. He wasn’t particularly knowledgeable but he was open to hearing what ever I played him. I specifically recall playing him Nice & Smooth’s debut album and that going over really well. Eventually, he busted out some cassette’s from his backpack and got to show me what was crackin’ in his neck of the woods. What he played me was a group called DC Talk. I had never heard of them (which was kinda shocking to me at the time cause i thought i had heard of everything). He handed me the cassette cover and the first thing that jumped out to me was there was a white dude in the group. At that time, if you weren’t the beastie boys , 3rd bass or Tony D , this was unheard of. As soon as he pressed play , the whole mood changed. Sure, he was pumped. I think he even started breaking out some raggedy Kid N’ Play dance moves in the midst of his excitement. Unfortunately for him, the music was fucking awful. The beats sucked and the rappers were retards. I was cordial about the whole thing but I pretty much crossed that guy of the “people who deserve respect” list the second he bounced. I pretty much forgot all about this worthless experience until a few years later when I saw a TV special on christian rap. Turns out, DC Talk were like the Beatles of christian rap. No shit…In hindsight, it made perfect sense that that rat tail having yokel would be bumping that kind of bullshit.
Anyway, this video pretty much made me feel very similar to how i felt that random afternoon.

12 thoughts on “Things that are wrong with the world pt. 6

  1. I was forced to be in CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) when I was a kid and they wanted me to make a mixtape for some fair type thing they were doing at the church to raise money. They said I could put some rap on there (because they knew I was into that stuff) but it couldn’t have any swearing and they only wanted songs with positive messages. They suggested I put some DC Talk in the mix and gave me a tape to check them out. I probably only listened to 20 seconds before throwing up in my mouth and trashing the shit out of that tape. Needless to say I didn’t make them their mix.

    • never heard them. I tend to avoid all things religious though. even if they didn’t rap about much religious shit , i’d probably still be put off by the parts when they did. I don’t wanna hear that bullshit.

      • I get that completely. I’m a big fan of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and sometimes they sneak some religious lyrics into their tracks which turns me right the fuck off.

  2. Christians try to get into everything.

    When I was younger, I was with this chick who inexplicably became all about God. I was into punk music at the time and she did everything she could to get me to listen to some shitty Christian bands.

    The moral of the story is she got addicted to heroin.

  3. Hahah yeah i remember DC Talk.. In Australia they’re new album informercial was blasted in the early 90’s.. shit was horrible..’rhythmless whiteboys that wear white shoes’.

    Wasn’t MOOD an LMNO Christian rappers also?

  4. Some Christian rap doesn’t bother me as long as the beats are good and the rapping is decent. A lot of the best rappers in the 90s were on the 5% stuff and mentioned it some times. That religious is as stupid as Christianity, so I just basically ignore religious messages in songs and just listen to the music. Most is really corny though.

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