Song of the day 4/25/10

School By Masta Killa

Aside from a couple Ghostface albums, I’m one of those people who think Masta Killa’s album “No said date” is the best Wu-tang affiliated album Since their initial solo releases. I know that sounds insane but i honestly feel that way. As good as “OBFCL2” was, I still prefer Masta Killa’s album cause, well, it sounds like classic old Wu. The truth of it is, IT IS classic old Wu. Most of the album was recorded years before it dropped and sounds authentic to that era. This song is one of my favorites of that album.

9 thoughts on “Song of the day 4/25/10

  1. Masta Killa is one of the most slept on MCs ever. He and Freeway are one of the few truely original rappers. Its hard for people to see the subtle innovation in their flows.

  2. I totally agree with No Said Date being one of the best Wu albums since the initial solo releases. There is not one bad song on this album, and it flows perfectly. Digi Warfare sounds a little out of place, but it is still good. School has always been one of my favorite songs off the album. The way the beat switches up is great. The only song I think might be better than this is the last one, ‘Masta Killa’. What a way to end an album.

  3. Agreed. I really liked No Said Date. The title track and School were actually my two favorite joints.

    I love how the beat switches to the double time yet still goes mad hard.

  4. Rza also killed School by the way. You were wrong about OBFCL2 though. Its better than Masta Killa’s albums. It just is.

    • eh…in your opinion. I personally don’t like rae that much and also, could do with out all the singing hooks. I mean, obviously, it’s dope but “no said date” had way more reply value with me. And I was only referring to this one masta killa album. The other one is obviously not fucking with OBFCL2.

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