Song of the day 4/28/10

SILMisdemeanor By The Sylvers
First time I heard this i assumed it was just some random Jackson 5 song I missed. I was wrong. It’s the Sylvers and , as you cans ee from the album cover i posted above, it’s a fair guess that the Jackson 5 was heavy on their minds when they made this song.
This is a song that more then a few people have sampled. My personal favorite would be “Funky enough” by The D.O.C.

12 thoughts on “Song of the day 4/28/10

  1. been meaning to ask you…. asides from hip-hop and some of the soul/motown stuff you’ve been posting…. do you listen to any rock? any of the obvious “classic rock” bands? could see you answering either way…. more inclined to think that shit wouldn’t float your fancy

    • I’ve never been much of a rock guy. there are songs i love in that genre but , overall, it’s never been my thing. I’m very particular abut singing voices i like and a lot of rock singers have a certain type of inflection i’m not very fond of.

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    • dang Shyne sampled this shit too…song is called thats gangsta…dont really listen to shyne all that much but it def made me think of that song

      • yeah. I know that song. thus the part where i say the song has been sampled by a few artists. It was never my favorite usage of that sample though.

  3. shyne def sampled this… song is called thats gangsta… i dont listen to shyne a whole lot but it def reminded me of this song

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