Song of the day 4/29/10

Pussy By The Clipse

I’m not 100% on where this is from. It could be their never released album from before “Lord Willin'” or it could just be some random B-side. Feel free to fill me in if you know.
regardless, it’s a hard Neptunes produced track by The Clipse, so, that’s good.

9 thoughts on “Song of the day 4/29/10

  1. Those coffee tables… yeesh. Speaking of cocaine I guess… And is that really prudent TV placement? Notwithstanding the interior decorating, this is a cute domestic scene.

    Lord Willin’ was a strong debut album. A prior unreleased album is newz to me.

  2. yeah i was about to say, if they are ever trying to watch that tv they better move the couch to the opposite side of the room, unless they want their necks to hate them

  3. Feldman was on LOTS of heroin at this point. Cocaine probably too, but he was definitely deep into a heroin addiction during this period.

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