Song of the day 4/25/10

School By Masta Killa

Aside from a couple Ghostface albums, I’m one of those people who think Masta Killa’s album “No said date” is the best Wu-tang affiliated album Since their initial solo releases. I know that sounds insane but i honestly feel that way. As good as “OBFCL2” was, I still prefer Masta Killa’s album cause, well, it sounds like classic old Wu. The truth of it is, IT IS classic old Wu. Most of the album was recorded years before it dropped and sounds authentic to that era. This song is one of my favorites of that album.

Song of the day 4/23/10

Sing swan song By Can
I find it kinda funny that this song was subtly “sampled” by Kanye on his song “drunk and hot girls”. Its funny cause this song is awesome and that song is pretty terrible. But it is kinda cool that kanye even knew about this to sample it in the first place. So, points for that , I suppose.

Danny Brown is Dope

A few weeks ago, I got put on to Danny Brown and downloaded one of his mixtapes. It pretty much has become the only thing i’ve been listening to lately so i went ahead and downloaded as many of his other mixtapes i could find. I haven’t even had that much time to sit with them but , after a full day of bumping a large portion of his catalogue (as far as i know it) , I figured it would be a nice move on my part to share the love and hopefully put some people on to a new rapper that is actually good. shocking…I know.
So, here’s a mix of songs by Brown. To be totally honest, some of the titles may be wrong cause the tracks were unmarked and a google search came up with nothing. But , whatever, you get the idea…Enjoy

Danny Brown is Dope
1)Greatest rapper ever
3)Get down
5)Up this high
7)Get the message
10)Bag back
11)Stupid ass
12)The Nana song
13)Do your homework
14)Words on the beat
16)The wizard
17)Marching band
18) Learn about me

Song of the day 4/22/10

My cheating days are over By Mike Nice and Marley Marl

This is a joint of Marley Marl’s second album “In control Vol. 2”. Like most people who owns either of this albums they were truly hit or miss and pretty much only remembered because of the classic Symphony tracks. However, I always liked this song and , as far as i know, Rich Nice was never heard from again. I could be wrong about that though cause with a name like “Mike Nice” he could have easily released like 15 albums and I would have missed it.

The wonders of gossip blogs

Allow me to overshare…
Without a doubt, my most feminine characteristic is that i’m somewhat of a gossip. I love hearing fucked up shit and I love telling people that same fucked up shit i just heard. I have no idea why i’m like this but i’ve been like that for as long as i can remember. Following this particular character flaw of mine, over the last few years I’ve kinda succumb to reading some of these celebrity gossip blogs. It began as the fastest way to see pics of famous peoples vaginas and tits but as it went on, i genuinely got into reading them on a daily basis. Pointless? Yes , but a lot of these motherfuckers are surprisingly funny and I’d be full of shit if i said i wasn’t somewhat of a pop culture whore. Unlike watching the news and keeping up with political happenings, tabloid shit is not real. Well, I mean, the shit actually happens (sometimes) but whether or not Britney shits out another baby or kills herself doesn’t really matter. therefor, it’s fun.

One of my main beefs with these blogs is that most of them are written by either catty gay dudes or bitchy women. It’s a certain kind of funny that I just don’t particularly find humorous. Not offensive at all, just kinda lame. The kind of jokes that might elicit high fives between trannie’s over mimosa’s the morning after a crazy party night. The most famous blogger is that fat gay lion perez hilton. Honestly, I’ve never read his blog cause I’m fairly certain whatever he thinks about anything doesn’t interest me. I’ve seen him in interviews and on the celebrity rap show and he pretty much is the living and breathing definition of “annoying gay dude”. To clarify (cause i know how easily people love to misread into statements like that): Gay people in general, i have no issue with. Gay people that are so flamboyant and annoying that they become caricatures of what a gay person is, are straight up annoying (Same way I think an overly compensating frat boy is poor caricature of “guys”), and perez is that times a million.

That leads to my biggest gripe with these blogs: Gay guys critiquing hot women. i mean, shit, I’m as big a judgmental asshole as they come but damn…these motherfuckers have nerve. Ok, sarah jessica parker is busted…I’m with you. but kim kardashian? lindsay lohan? Even Jessica Simpson. say what you will about them as people (they’re all fucking retards, duh) , but all three of those girls are hot. Yes, even chubby Jessica Simpson would get it. Don’t get it twisted. Ask ANY straight man who enjoys the idea of fucking.
I’ve seen them diss jessica biel and alba…it’s nuts. And people wonder why half the girls on america’s top model are grossly skinny and have sea monster faces…I’m all for flash judgments with an iron fist but that shit is out of line. stick to telling me how gay jake gyllanhall is and rating mario lopez’s abs. That I can’t argue.

However, aside from that, i can’t really knock their hustle. So, here are the three i read on a somewhat regular basis:
This one updates all the time. it’s good for that. It’s probably the least funny of the ones I read but they are on the ball when funny shit happens. It’s definitely one of those “Catty gay guy” blogs but he can be funny sometimes. The main downside of this blog is that sometimes he gets obsessed with shit i don’t give a fuck about (octomom, shauna sands, phoebe price, ect) and it’s just annoying to trudge through all that bullshit sometimes.

This one is my shit cause it’s written by a straight man who’s a total asshole. They don’t update enough but he writes the funniest shit by far. Occasionally , he’ll come a out his face against some really hot girls (he’s been hating on the red head from “mad men” for a while now and it’s pretty infuriating) as well as loving any girl who is kinda skinny with huge fake tits. I mean, everyone has got their own thing so, whatever. Just know, if there are nude pics or a famous woman on the internet, he will have them.

This one used to be written by a straight guy and lesbian. It was pretty funny when it was but i think she left it, so now it’s just him. He’s pretty good but nothing too amazing. I’d say the best part of this blog is the links they give you. They pretty much just look all over the net for all things funny and/or salacious and link you to it. The updates are not as often as I’d like but it’s still a nice one to check every now and then.

Obviously , there are millions more of these types of blogs but I’ve made the conscious choice to limit myself to just three. They tend to all report on the same things anyway , so three is really all you need. However, if i’m TRULY missing out on the funniest , most titty filled blog on the planet, and don’t know it, please feel free to let me know.

Things that are wrong with the world pt. 6

This one time when i was about 15 or 16 years old, my mom had a guest over. I don’t clearly remember how she knew this guest but she were from some bumblefuck type area and she had a son about my age. As is the case in situations like that, I was forced to entertain this kid for the afternoon while his mom and my mom most likely got drunk together. We basically just hung out in my room and kissed all day. Just kidding. No, in reality, we did hang out in my room playing video games and trying to find a commonality between the two of us , who were so obviously different. At that age, shit like that is a hard hump to get over. Especially when you’re a snarky and condescending prick like i was back then. Well, turned out he was a hip hop fan. This was pretty much the best connection i could have asked for at the time so we started going through all my cassettes and talking about different groups. He wasn’t particularly knowledgeable but he was open to hearing what ever I played him. I specifically recall playing him Nice & Smooth’s debut album and that going over really well. Eventually, he busted out some cassette’s from his backpack and got to show me what was crackin’ in his neck of the woods. What he played me was a group called DC Talk. I had never heard of them (which was kinda shocking to me at the time cause i thought i had heard of everything). He handed me the cassette cover and the first thing that jumped out to me was there was a white dude in the group. At that time, if you weren’t the beastie boys , 3rd bass or Tony D , this was unheard of. As soon as he pressed play , the whole mood changed. Sure, he was pumped. I think he even started breaking out some raggedy Kid N’ Play dance moves in the midst of his excitement. Unfortunately for him, the music was fucking awful. The beats sucked and the rappers were retards. I was cordial about the whole thing but I pretty much crossed that guy of the “people who deserve respect” list the second he bounced. I pretty much forgot all about this worthless experience until a few years later when I saw a TV special on christian rap. Turns out, DC Talk were like the Beatles of christian rap. No shit…In hindsight, it made perfect sense that that rat tail having yokel would be bumping that kind of bullshit.
Anyway, this video pretty much made me feel very similar to how i felt that random afternoon.

Anatomy of a remix #2

A while back I did this and it seemed to go over well, so, why not go for a round 2.
This time around, it’s a remix i did for fun of a Donny Hathaway song. Much like the last one, It was just something I threw together using samples i either normally wouldn’t use or couldn’t use.

so, here ya go. Enjoy all the parts.

1) A dream (remix) : Blockhead
2)A dream: Donny Hathaway
3)I’m sad about it: Lee Moses
4)Hands Away : Interpol
5)Oslo in the summertime: Of Montreal
6)Who will pay reparations on my soul: Gil Scott Heron
7)Tell Him: The Exciters
8)The River: Ananda Shankar
9)Never Surrender: Stan Bush