Song of the day 5/31/10

It’s got to be for real By Joe Graves
I’ve always had a place in my heart for a nicely flawed voice. Gil scott heron is a good example of this. Sure, he can hit the notes most of the time but it’s evident he was more passionate about the music as a whole than whether or not he was considered a great vocalist.
Joe graves also falls into this category. He’s definitely not the best signer you’ll ever hear, but the passion is there. Imagine how great he’s be if they had auto-tune back then?
(just kidding)

Soul Train was way better than I remember

I recently watched a VH1 documentary on Soul train and it blew my mind. Not that I didn’t think Soul Train had had some great moments but all my memories of it were from the 80’s and 90’s when it was kinda just a slightly better version of “The grind” with your boy Eric Nies.
Holy shit was I wrong.
Apparently, in the 70’s, it was the best fucking show ever. I’m not even a huge fan of live performances in general but some of the clips they showed were phenomenal. Not only did they have amazing artists on there but they ACTUALLY sang, as opposed t the lip synching that was the standard when I watched that show in the 80’s and 90’s. So, in an attempt to do my part is spreading the love, I gathered a bunch of these clips, as well as converted them to mp3’s for your downloading pleasure.
Peep it
Here’s Al green singing his ass off with his arm in a sling after breaking it earlier that week:

James brown losing his shit with the JB’s

Aretha live is some serious shit.

This is just motherfuckers dancing but damn, how dope is that? If they replaced all those shitty dancing shows on TV with stuff like this, the world would be vastly improved.

Stevie Wonder doing “Superstition”

This one has no video but it’s Stevie Wonder improvising a song live about Soul Train. I seriously have listened to this song like 50 times in the past week.

And here’s one that wouldn’t embed but it’s amazing. Sly and the family stone doing “If you want me to stay”

Here’s a zip of all the live performances in mp3 form:

Song of the day 5/30/10

Do You Wanna Hear It By The Nubian Crackers Feat. The Artifacts

The first time i heard The Artifacts they were rapping on the Stretch and Bobbito radio show. My memory is a little hazy but i seem to remember them winning a demo competition or something. Anyway, I immediately thought they were dope and tried to find every thing by them I could. For some reason, I had a hard time tracking this song down. It was a guest spot on a 12” by the production team the “Nubian Crackers”. I couldn’t find the record so all I had was a dusty ass recording from the radio. Thanks to the internets, I got my hands on a good copy a few years ago…and now you can have one as well

Memories…The MTV Promo’s.

When Aesop dropped his album “None Shall Pass” , one of the craziest things he got to do was make promo videos for MTV. At the time, MTV was doing this thing where they’d take a different artists (indie and major label) and just promote the shit out of them for a week solid with little clips of live performances and skits , as well as by playing their music every chance they got. When they asked Aesop to do some comical skits, he asked me to join him (cause we have a past together doing dumb skits on public access). The idea was to take the whole NYC public access show theme and run with it. Someone recently reminded me of these skits and I re-watched them for the first time in over a year. Know what? They’re pretty funny. Sure, it’s mostly improvised and not every joke hits but , considering what it was, I think Aes and I held our own. Especially considering both of us had barley slept the night before due to an early call time and fear of having to be funny on cue.
I’d also like recall the enormous backlash these videos and clips on MTV caused. People seriously lost their shit. Apparently, a lot of fans couldn’t differentiate promotion and flagrantly selling out. I’m glad that shit has died down , cause for a while this topic made a lot of fair weather fans look like total dickheads.
Anyway, here are those clips for all of you who may have missed them. Before watching, I suggest curling up in your snuggie with a loved one , lighting some candles, and pouring yourself a nice merlot cause that’s the mood we were trying to set in these clips.

Song of the day 5/28/10

Shake your ass By Richard Cheese

Holy shit. I totally forgot about this guy. I’m not lying when I say the best time I’ve ever had at a live show was seeing the gawd Richard Cheese perform.
For those who don’t know, he’s a lounge singer that does retarded covers of famous songs. The thing is, he’s actually a good singer and his band is surprisingly on point on some “zoot suit riot” type shit. He also manages to keep a straight face, which is nice.
Here’s some bonus clips to give you a better idea of the man, the myth, the legend.

Song of the day 5/27/10

Black Connection II By Camp Lo

Never mind the pic above, these motherfuckers can rap.
Most people know Camp lo for their awesome debut album “Uptown Saturday Night” but it seems like very few people out there are even aware of their highly slept on second album “Let’s do it again”. It was a more dance driven affair musically but , rhyme wise, it was classic Camp Lo.
This Song is one of my favorites from that album.

Things that are wrong with the world part. 8

“Sex & The City” will be the end of us all. The least anticipated sequel of all time by anyone with a fucking brain is out and I’m sure it’s doing great. I was walking down the street the other day and overheard some girls behind me excitedly talking about how they can’t wait to see this movie. I eventually looked back and it was three 13 year old girls dressed like whores with enough make up on to kill a family of rabbits. On one hand, they’re young and don’t know better. But on the other hand, they’re a shining example of how dangerous this show is. Every screening of this film is a mini 9/11 explosion in the brains of stupid young girls. Speaking of 9/11, judging from the previews i’ve seen of this movie, these old bitches go to an arab country for vacation. OH REALLY? They’d be picking pieces of Sarah Jessica Parker hair off of butcher knives within seconds of arrival if she trounced around in those outfits at the local rug bizarre.

I realize shitting on “sex in the city” is pretty much as played out as actually watching “sex in the city” but this fucking mania going on has got to fucking stop. Much like every other guy who was seeing a girl when this shit was on, I’ve seen my fair share of this show. Obviously, I think it’s the worst. No shit…you meet a straight man who genuinely likes it, you should stop being that man’s friend. In terms of straight men, it’s as much a personality definer to me as being racist or a convicted date rapist. Sure, they say vastly different things about you but, trust me, if you like that shit, I know what’s up with you. But, with that said, I can’t say i’ve ever met a straight dude who truly likes that show…probably cause his girl won’t let him talk to his friends.
However, I do know some people that actually think that show is great. the one common characteristic of these people is that they enjoy a good penis. Yes, women and gays…duh. Now, I equate “sex in the city” with “entourage”. I’ll admit, I do watch “entourage”. I’ll also admit that it’s fucking awful but , for some reason,Ii will peep it when it on. If you’re a girl and you feel the same way about SITC, that’s fine. But if you really watch that shit and laugh and get involved in the plot and characters…kill yourself. please…seriously…kill yourself. If you really wanna see the movie cause you thinks it’s going to be a good film, Go to your roof and jump off it. If you wanna see it cause you know it’ll be corny and good in a bad way, that’s ok. kinda like how men love the movie “roadhouse”. Terrible, but great.
The thing is, i’ve met countless girls who will stand up for that show like it raised them (and in some ways i suppose it has..ughh). the most common arguments are:

“it’s how girls talk!”

No, it’s not. It’s how gay guys talk. It’s written by gay men. you can tell because it’s super catty and it gives you the douche chills every three minutes. The fact that girls even try to play it off like that’s how they talk when there are no guys around is an insult. For the record, guys don’t talk like on “entourage” either but the difference is that shit is written by some L.a. retards who probably like “sex in the city”.

“it’s a cool way to see what living in new york is like!”

Again, not even close. in fact, I’d go as far as to say, that show was the beginning of the end of new york as we know it (Perhaps that’s an a bit of hyperbole , but it’s up there with Guiliani becoming mayor). It made new york look desirable to people who should never live in new york. From the fucking crappy magnolia bakery cupcakes to the stupid 15 dollar cosmopolitans. I feel like before SITC, williamsburg was actually tolerable and the lower east side was a fun place to go on the weekends. The crazy shit about that statement is that Sex & The City doesn’t even go anywhere near those demographics. Yet, It’s influence is so deep and strong, it’s somehow had some effect on every aspect of NYC nightlife.

“it’s funny!”

Obviously, humor is subjective. But let me say this, girls…you know that funny friend you have? That one homegirl who cracks you up all the time and you think she’s the funniest girl alive? She’s not funny. Maybe she’s wacky, but that’s about it. SITC is that girl. Wack jokes told wackly by wack people.

so, yeah, i don’t wanna hear it. fuck that show, fuck both movies and fuck you for supporting that bullshit.
Oh and did I mention those bitches are old as shit? dope…I bet the movie has some slamming menopause jokes!

Posse Cut Extravaganza Vol. 9

Not for nothing, But this may be the best volume so far, front to back. Not a single throwaway on here. If you’re gonna download just one of these posse cut mixes, this should be the one. But, then again, why limit yourself? Collect them all.
1)1,2, Pass it: D&D All-Stars Feat Doug E. Fresh, Fat Joe, Jeru the Damaja, KRS-One, Mad Lion and Smif-n-Wesson
2)Don’t curse: Heavy D and the Boyz Feat. Kool G Rap, Grand Puba, Cl Smooth, Big Daddy Kane, Pete Rock, and Q-Tip
3)Day one: DITC Feat. Diamond D, Big L, A.G., Lord Finesse, and O.C.
4)Smokin’ that shit: KMD feat.Earthquake, Kurious and Lord Sear.
5)1,2,3: Naughty By Nature Feat. Lakim Shabazz and Apache
6)The hardest Muthafuckers in here: Kurupt Feat. Nate Dogg, Xzibit, and MC Ren
7)Let the horns blow: Chi Ali Feat. Dres, Dove, Fashion, and Phife
8)Heavyweights: Freestyle Fellowship Feat. Cockney ‘o’ Dire, Archie, Volume 10, Spoon, Ganja K
9)Played like a piano: King Tee Feat Ice Cube and Breeze
10)U da Man: Black moon Feat. Dru-ha, Havoc, and Smif n Wesson