Song of the day 5/3/10

Collage By The Three Degrees
I Got this off some random compilation a few years ago. I wish I had more info on the group , but laziness/apathy is winning that battle, so, you know, feel free to google that shit yourself.
I’m not even fully convinced the pic above is the right group. Whatever the case, this song is pretty great.

3 thoughts on “Song of the day 5/3/10

  1. The Three Degrees are nice! Not sure if that is them in the picture. I picked up a vinyl of one of their albums from 1973 a while back. Once you see the fold-out cover you’ll see why I had to buy it. Here is a link:

    On the super nerdy trivia tip, David Carradine gives them a shout out in Kill Bill 2 as he is dropping Uma Thurman off at the old Kung Fu master’s house. She asks “When will I see you again?” and he says “That’s the name of one of my favorite soul songs from the 70’s.”

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