Posse Cut Extravaganza Vol. 6


Volume 6 coming for your brain piece, yo!
This one has got some real joints on it. Aside from the super west coast posse cut “Get the fist” Which features pretty much every good rapper from L.A circa 93, it’s also got one of my all time favorite b-sides “Go where I send the” By Masta Ace.

Check’em out.

1) Burnt: Del Feat. Casual, Tajai, Opio, & A-Plus
2) State To State: NO ID Feat. Common and Dug Infinite
3)4 MY Peeps (Buckwild version): Redd Hott Lover Tone feat: Notorious BIG, Organized Konfusion, and MOP
4)Rollin’: Saukrates Feat.Masta Ace and OC
5)The Get the Fist Movement: B-real, Ice Cube, J-dee, Kam, King Tee, MC Eight, Threat, and Yo-Yo
6)Word of Mouf: Ludacris Feat. 4-ize*
7)AIDS: MF Grimm Feat.Kool G rap, Akinyele, CJ Moore, Big Chuck
8)Go Where I send the: Master Ace Feat. U-neek and Master Ice
9)Secret Fantasies: Tim Dog Feat. Kool Keith and Ced Gee*
10)Show and Prove: Big Daddy Kane Feat. Sauce money, Scoob Lover, Shyheim , Jay-Z and ODB

*again, I KNOW, These aren’t technically “Posse cuts” But they have the aura of a Posse cut, so they get the pass from me.

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