Song of the day 5/10/10

Fuck the pain By Blowfly
What’s that? You don’t know about Blowfly? What the fuck is wrong with you? Blowfly is pretty much the greatest man alive. A true american treasure. He began his career as song writer and singer who actually had some decent success. Somewhere down the line , he decided he wanted to become “Blowfly”” and make perverted comedy music. The majority of his stuff were truly fantastic Weird al-esque covers of popular songs (IE: Shittin’ on the dock of the bay” and “Suck around the clock”) as well as making a rap record in 1980 when not many others were really doing that shit yet.

^^^^seriously amazing shit right there.
Today’s song, however, is a jewel I came across when i was in high school. I knew about Blowfly and thought he was funny. I saw this tape in a 99 cent bin. I bought it and was pleased to find the song “Fuck the pain”. It has since been anthem amongst my friends and I…as well a cautionary tale of STD’s that we should all heed.

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