Posse Cut Extravaganza Vol. 7

Much like the song “Close the crackhouse” (featured on this weeks installment) the posse cut extravaganza never ends…Number 7 is here. HIghlights include the original “cypha session” from the Lyricist Lounge Ecko Tapes and the awesome Rockafella free for all “The champions”.
Go for it…
1)Close the crackhouse: Professor X Feat. Brother J, Wise Intelligent , Big Daddy Kane , Money B,
Shock G and Humpty Hump, Ex-Girlfriend, Chuck D, Sister Souljah, Mickey Jarrett, Freedom Williams, YZ, and 2 Kings in a Cypher
2)Feet up on the table: Aceyalone feat Abstract Rude, LA Khule, Mark the Murderer, NGA fish, Riddlore and Vic Hop
3)You’re late: Godfather Don, Kool Keith and Percee P
4)Pass the 40: Black Sheep feat. Chi Ali, Hot Diggity dog,Chris Lighty and Dave Gossett
5)Saturday night live (LA jay remix): Masta Ace Feat: Lord Digga, U-neek and Master Ice
6)No disrespect: Young Bleed Feat ???? (Lost the liner notes and can’t find it online)
7)Nitty Gritty: KMD Feat: Brand Nubian
8)Cypha session: Chubb Rock, Ran Reed and The Cella Dwellas
9)The Champions: Kanye west, Young Chris, Beanie Segal, Cam’ron, and Twista
10)Two to the head: Kool G rap Feat. Bushwick Bill and Ice Cube

7 thoughts on “Posse Cut Extravaganza Vol. 7

  1. Ah yes, YZ, I’ve been listening to Acid Rain again lately, what a great track that is…Alchemy by Aesop Rock & Blueprint somehow always reminds of that song…Anyone know who features on Acid Rain?

  2. have you put, “smoking that shit” by kmd with lord sear and i think kurious on any of these jammies, great fucking song!

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