Song of the day 5/17/10

Super Scientifical By Ill Nye (AKA Jer from The Party Fun Action Committee)
This is for all you Party Fun Action Committee fans out there. It’s somewhat of a spin off of a song we did off the album (Mystical knights of the vizual roundtable). This song is from an album called “Day of the mega-beast” by Dub-l (who Jer and I actually used to be in a rap group with back in the 90’s).
Not only is it funny, but you might learn a little something, yo.

4 thoughts on “Song of the day 5/17/10

  1. Is Dub-L a black dude that wears a shirt and hat with “Dub-L” written on it, who has a white “rapper” counterpart that opened for The Roots a couple years ago? If so, he’s terrrribbbllleeeee…I don’t think it’s the same Dub-L though ha.

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